Saturday, 24 December 2016

Magical Christmas Eves For Real

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Skinny Guy First Time Ever with Dumbbells" is at 9755 Views 744 Likes 55 Dislikes.
While I'll never complain, really about any views, because all views are a gift, I did believe that this video may have exceeded it's current count for the time frame based on my estimations.
Truly though to have a video almost at 10,000 views within 4 days of release is exceptional from a objective basis for any video but particularly with the little I've always had and where I've come from. We've come a long way.
Soup Kitchens and Food Banks to gauging the success of a 9000+ viewed video in 4 days. For only the longest fans do you remember??? It use to be when I hit 10 views I'd put up another video then for a long time it was 100 views hit put that next video out. Then once I crossed 301 views that next video came out.
Really the 100 views was the longest stretch, if 100 people watched a video, that seemed like a lot, so I needed a lot of videos to get a high video volume like a pro youtuber and that was my threshold before I'd put out anther one. Now look at us. Beautiful, go ahead Jake be slightly disappointed but really dig deep and look and remember where you've come from.
Remember I still have that same $256 Kodak Playsport camera, worn down, several memory cards used going on 5 years old but it's still all the same.
The back end or adsense numbers have slowed very dramatically really since December started. Maybe it's a bigger YouTube issue but for me it's no issue at all. I'm more confident then ever that the ship will be righted someday.
It's Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful family day. Much needed as my recent hard pressing working days make me forget who I am, the family reminds me who I am and what is important in life.
Remember I'm the oldest in a family of nine. I've got a lot more experience then just different YouTube videos. Santa is coming tonight.
With fiddles, singing and dancing, it takes us little time to break out in music and carols. It's our prime time as tots place carrots out for reindeers, professional food chefs cook glorious feasts others would pay a fortune for, it''s the Christmas experience that people dream of when the see Christmas cards and dream of what their Christmas vacations should be. I just get it in real life.
Twinkling trees, jingling bells, homemade Christmas cookies and pecan diamonds, festive drinks and top shelf meats. Dinner seated 19 tonight around one very extended table.
In Aspen Coloardo and Deer Valley Utah people would pay $10,000 a night and not get the food experience, service or general Christmas vibe as well as we do we got real snow. In fact they might have complaints to management even after spending so much money.
Some things you just can't buy. Our family Christmas is highly unusual, highly unique and highly special.
Merry Christmas Dear, Dear one, Think of Kissing Me when you spot your next mistletoe,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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  1. Well you make thousands of dollars on Youtube and you don't need a real job so I see you can afford fancy $10,000 dinners and buy presents for 19 people in your family! Sometime I want to follow in your footsteps and quit my day job and just do nothing in life but make Youtube videos. That would be soo cool but I don't think I'm as talented as you!


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