Saturday, 5 November 2016

My First Music Video Now Over 5000 Views

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Unboxing New Balance 928 Shoes Review - Is This Cheating?" is at 10,279 Views 497 Likes 17 Dislikes.
Well, I write on a Saturday night, first in a while. Sure, the topic should be how my current video crossed 10,000 views, a baseline definition of a viral video, within four days, but it's not.
The topic tonight is how my music video "Jake Johnston - "It's Getting Harder" currently at 5304 Views 194 Likes 19 Dislikes has gone from being my first video to cross 2000 views to crossing 5000 views. 
Also, my second place song "Jake Johnston  - "One, Two, Three, For the Dreamers" currently 2228 Views 108 Likes 27 Dislikes is the second to cross 2000.
The third place song "Jake Johnston  - Sunfest "Still Going Back For You" currently at 1826 Views 87 Likes 34 Dislikes may become the third song to cross 2000 views.
I'm very excited.
Sure I should probably be most excited that the headline video cracked more then all three songs together but again I repeat, Music is the Secret. It's the secret sauce, music.
It's the one thing that bridges all nationality's and cultures regardless of language and it is of pure creative thought. You don't even have to watch to listen.   
Truthfully, the channel has taken off, relatively exploding, over the past week and a half with over 50,000 views posting to my account today alone.
Behind it is YouTube themselves. For whatever reason they have decided to give me a push placing a variety of my videos into peoples recommended box around the world. I've been given the green light. They like me.
I guess all my pushing, trying, poverty, never give up attitude and actions towards my YouTube channel has finally started to show some payback. Karma. They call it Karma. I've given lots of good effort towards my YouTube channel and now YouTube is giving back by promoting me.
Truth is on October 25, 2016 when I received that note saying I had passed 1 million ad impressions that must be a magic number for YouTube marking the channel as worthy. Hence their new push and promoting towards me. My videos catch eyes and that includes my music videos.
Really if I had enough courage, energy and confidence I would turn this full time into a music channel but the truth is that I have too much energy, creativity and enjoyment of doing other things that I can't just do music, not good for my creative balance. My presentation skills are vast and I like showing the whole spectrum, but music is the purest.
Will I record someday. Will I create a number 1 Hit on America's Top 40. Again the music sounds so good in my mind, I know the instruments that need to be there, the beat, where the inflections are suppose to be the fading and intermixing of sounds when and where. It's in my mind I need to get it out and recorded right.
Currently limited to my crappy camera, always memory maxed out computer, no music or other editing equipment, this is all I can do. But can you believe it 5000 Views for a music video of me on my couch!
Bieber was discovered this way, hundreds of views, then thousands, then tens of thousands then flew to Atlanta to record "Baby", so it has happened.  And did you know we were born in the same hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital here in London.
Jakey Jake does it again for the music industry for round two.....of scooped up St. Joseph's Hospital London born music talent.....I like the sound of that.   
And you will too if it ever happens because I will put my absolute best efforts, creative thought and perfectionist ways to best use in song making and preforming if I am every in a situation to.
Oh excited. Cheers to 5000 views and more! Remember Music is the everything...always has been, always will be.
Love me, darling,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston


  1. Jake you are heading straight on to 10000 subscribers! You certainly should be proud, you know I started found your channel the 7th January 2016 and around that time you had 3120 subscribers, and in less than a year you are today at 8432, you've almost tripled them in 10 months! I see a great future coming trough for you if you keep this up!

  2. Listen man keep it up! You're a huge inspiration and motivator for A LOT of people, including g myself! You can make this YouTube thing work for sure. The videos where you're just being yourself and being real with people and talking about experiences and life situations are easily the best! And the nature videos are awesome as well! Don't give up ever or you'll let me down big time!!!

  3. Agree with Christophers post. You keep being yourself and youtube will help out :)


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