Tuesday, 8 November 2016

"Last Minute US Election 2016 Absentee Ballot - What A Dilemma!" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "Last Minute US Election 2016 Absentee Ballot - What A Dilemma!" https://youtu.be/d4NFWJuj_iA currently at 38 Views 15 Likes 0 Dislikes. I believe it was six shots or frames with all natural and lamp lighting.
Well first for the video. Yes it was a bit dry, a bit boring and really I initially thought of releasing it on Saturday for maximum effect but as of right now at just past midnight I did not realize the election would be so, so close even undecided as I write so hence the slightly delayed release is fine. Plus as I'll discuss it did not need any additional view bump which is usually the reason I release a Saturday video as the channel is on fire (relative to my numbers).
Yeah the video is not that great, I don't have that sort of zip of positivity  here that people like, but how could I, I was really humming and hawing even right up until here on who to vote for. But I think my fans will like that sort of real effect. Like there really seeing and feeling my concern with me. Maybe many felt the same. For people outside the US I'm sure they have that same sort of fascination and interest on who the president will or should be and may be doing some humming and hawing of their own. It's a real important choice in the world and while this video it's mostly me running through the absentee ballot, the timely nature and the real right there with me effect of this video makes it a winner.
I had other more entertaining videos to choose from but this one had to go out now.
Real life I struggle. I'm at a job where once again I am a slug. Literately manual work once again unable to obtain a job where I'm in a office. I can only seem to get these manual work jobs and you see the problem is is that it makes my back hurt again. Nowadays it's my shoulder. While I was able to shift out of the heavier position where I had to lift thousands of cumulative pounds during a shift, even the lighter lifting job I'm in now is causing my right shoulder and neck to hurt and sometimes the arm to go numb.
But I'm trapped. I have no other job. No other source of funds and with every day I go I risk permanent injury in an area I've already been hurt. My back and joints are just not alighted right and manual lifting jobs of a repetitive nature cause much more of a significant and serious effect on me then it would someone else. I'm not being proud, I'm being realistic and big picture about my health.
So I keep looking for work and hoping one of my other job applications will pull through before something goes real, real bad towards my body.
In YouTube news, a huge day. I passed 10,000 Subscribers today, worthy of it's own post just an hour ago. This should allow me to access YouTube studios in cities like Toronto and several other American cities. I don't know if I have to wait for a note from them, they usually do their account level updates on Fridays or maybe month's end or maybe tomorrow. But whatever advantages I get, if any, I know that 10,000K subscribers was a key benchmark for them and I'm very proud, happy and thankful to fans and glad so many like me and want to follow me. Remember my only goal was 1000 subscribers so 10,000 is amazing. A whole new world.
Even more so is that my view count has been out of control with 100,000 views posting today alone. I'm now at 1,725,990 views. Now you know my only goal here was 1,000,000 so all this is bonus....right....?
Well I'll let you in on a little secret. I have the third largest YouTube channel in Southwestern Ontario. The next one to pass is my former University, The University of Western Ontario or  "Western University" which has 2,454,598 Views on 1,533 videos. I have mixed feeling about my University where yes at one point I was an academic star but feel that they shunned me post graduation as I've tried to get hired there over 750 times with only one interview once. I would love to pass them.
The top regional channel is RaeArt with 5,284,100 views on 689 Videos, he however, unlike me is part of a network. Me I'm independent.
So I'm the biggest non networked, non institutional YouTube channel in the region, however I'd really love to jump ahead of Western particularly. I've already passed both in rating as I'm rated B- where those two channels are rated C+...I was just upgraded today though.
Still not getting the loving looks from women I was hoping for. I thought that would have happened years ago but the YouTube channel has not led to lovers as I expected. So smiles, some even look annoyed at me, many won't even look at me still, really way off what I thought having a highly viewed YouTube channel would bring. But life is long and love is infinite and I wait for you darling to find me.
I think of your soft, warm, tender touch, loving eyes and brightest mind and never know when or where you'll appear. Will you simply come over or find me on my path. Under a tree, a forest, a field or the busy streets of the city. You'll find me and we shall never part. Ying, yang, you, me, Cosmic love bends space, time and all the rules. Oh my artistic darling, how I love you so.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com


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  2. Congrats on the channel growth brother, you deserve it! Best of luck on your journey.
    Jasper (from London, England)

  3. Grats on the 10k! Listen man, keep on keeping on. Jake, you are a beacon of hope for many so shine bright and don't let anything stop you!

  4. Congratz on your newly subs! I am so happy I found you channel. I am already a big fan and bingewatching the videos. I am sorry to hear that you have issues with you joints and whatnot. Maybe you could look into the supplement MSM. Google it and learn more buddy. Its really good for the body and tendons.

    And the love you long for cant be far away. Because you have one of the best personalites ive seen. Big fan from Sweden / Tom


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