Saturday, 19 November 2016

A Feather In My Cap and a Whistle on My Lips

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston - "Just Like a Lullaby" is at 14,223 Views 968 Likes 51 Dislikes.
Before I talk about the song's performance, I choose rather to speak to the instigating reason for tonight's post and a Feather In My Cap and Whistle on my Lips.
As of right now Jake's Showcase overall video views is at 2,519,957 views surpassing today my former University, the University of Western Ontario or YouTube channel "Western University" which has 2,476,651 overall channel video views for the first time ever.
As I've mentioned before there's a bitter sweet feel towards my University for after winning a full scholarship and being asked to be the male representative and male model for the newly initiated program called the Academic Excellence Program for the Richard Ivey School of Business, receiving top marks in several classes and graduating in the top 3% in my class, I was shunned by the school in my over 760 job applications being given only one interview 6 years ago. Basically as soon as I stopped paying them they wanted nothing to do with me.
But now my YouTube channel is bigger then theirs.
Passing Western with a annual student base of over 30,000 now leaves me as the number 2 YouTube channel in Southwestern Ontario. Who is number 1? Raeart who's channel started April 12, 2006 and who has 5.294,829 video views on his channel overall on 683 videos. He is a painting artist who shows people his graffiti art style paintings and how he does them.
Unlike me though his channel is part of a network, a big network, who does the heavy lifting for promoting his content. Me I have none. Well I have me and my ways....all free mind you, all creatively masterminded on how to slowly make myself seen in social media, live and conversations.
But yes, I am only number 2. And he is more then double my size. But wouldn't it be cool to pass him and become number 1?
Now the song. I wanted 5,000 and I currently have 14.223 views. Pumped? Of course.
This song has done great, and may do better yet. People like my music. People like me.  That's cool, that's awesome.
Again, Justin Bieber and me were born in the same room at the same hospital at St. Joseph's Hospital in London Ontario and were placed in the same neonatal room shortly after our birth. Will the music industry pick me up and go for round 2 of St. Joseph's Hospital London Ontario born music talent with me.
It made them millions once, can it be done again?
Darling, don't forget me. Someday you'll hear my voice and my songs on every radio station across the land. 
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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