Tuesday, 25 October 2016

"Hugh Hefner Halloween Costume - Cheap, Iconic With Quotes" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "Hugh Hefner Halloween Costume  - Cheap, Iconic With Quotes" https://youtu.be/sJKD3ddKXcs currently at 24 Views 3 Likes 14 Dislikes. It was 18 shots or takes with spotlight, natural and overhead lighting.
Well but of course.....it's Halloween, or soon to be. And we wouldn't want the sexy side to be forgotten. And who better then Hugh Hefner.
While this idea was inspired by another YouTube video I found it exceptionally easy to put together and cheap. The most interesting part was studying his persona. Like I say, no worries about hair, or about anything really and oh yes, no smiling.
The white sailor hat would have put this over the top but in his younger photos he had no cap. Strikingly when dressed I do see a similar resemblance between my face and his.
While the red robe is the star of this video, the pipe efforts likely the entertainment, I think I put this video over the top into gold status with obtaining his quotes, 5 in fact.
The quotes, the pipe make this video stand out from all the other red robed Hugh videos and pictures and the face is bizarrely similar to his older smiles when I squint and smile in a similar fashion.
And oh yes the bunnies. We both love beautiful women. Oh Hugh, why don't you fly me to meet you. The Halloween bash maybe?
Ha, Ha, Ha, well short of that the bunny outfits are some of the most popular on Halloween and while the Hugh Hefner look should be more common and popular I think this look really will stand out.
I wish I went to the bars where all the action will be happening this weekend that would make this outfit a bar party hit. But I've elected to let the ladies find me and I think with the Hugh Hefner look, attitude, demeanor, mannerisms, the bunnies will find me....the pull just too strong...to the regal red robed legend.
"Surrounding myself with beautiful women, keeps me young", love it.
Darling, may this special cherished moment be ours....we both love it so.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans, 
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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