Tuesday, 13 September 2016

"Labor Day Trip to Port Stanley Ontario Beach Secret Spot" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "Labor Day Trip to Port Stanley Ontario Beach Secret Spot" https://youtu.be/ycNNrHYMgsI currently 40 Views 5 Likes 0 Dislikes. I do not know the number of clips but none or maybe one was taken out only and it was all natural lighting.
Well, well, some volume here Jake. In minutes it is with my second or third longest video this 36 minute video is much much longer then my shorter ones like songs or short skits. This week the showcase really is a show, like over half hour. True fans will like it.
There are several flaws to this video most notably A) For much of the driving the audio is very poor as the mic is facing away from me and B) The country footage was way, way to long. like over 10 minutes. I thought about editing it down, taking out frames and shortening it to about 20 minutes for a tighter presentation, but I felt that each frame while hard to hear there was a point I made or something I saw that I wanted to capture and it was actually more valuable left in. The best part is the end 10 minutes but only those with the patience will see it.
Overall an effective video. City, country, water, catch my drift? Oh yeah and you see me real hard core at the beach. A breath of fresh air for those lagging for difference and entertainment on Jake's Showcase as the last video "Jake Johnston  - "One, Two, Three, For the Dreamers" https://youtu.be/zdFaDdsretU currently 861 Views 65 Likes 22 Dislikes that did not get 1000 views in a week in 18 weeks.
Real life struggles along. Needing a break. Ps I said no to Tosh sticking to my $10,000 price for to do a show. The screen actors guild price I previously had calculated would net me half that amount and I think I'm worth double. Really, I think I'm worth more but for $10,000 I'll do their day job.
Getting hired here is almost impossible for me as I am very well know in this town. However I continue to wait for word on this big job I've been mentioning and have given until Sept 23, 2016 that's 10 more days whereas I will give up on it and at which point I plan on moving back to the states.
Do I want to leave my family, the town I grew up in, no, not particularly. Thanksgivings, Christmas's, birthdays, you miss it all being away. But I'm useless here.Sharp as a tack, a very hard worker, a redeemed drunk but no one wants to take me on....way to much presence. It's hard to be somewhat famous and disappear at the same time. That's why I hideout at parks on the edges of the city these days.
I've been getting markedly more smiles from women lately just around. What did I get handsomer over the last week, my new trying to improve my diet, is it my haircut, the fact my last video was singing on a guitar, don't know but I had a lot of girls smiling at me. I don't know what do about it, I'm to nervous, so I just say hi to them, try to smile back. It felt good anyway. I thought maybe I'm doing something right after all.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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