Tuesday, 9 August 2016

"What is a Swiss Chalet Quarter Chicken Dinner Like?" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "What is a Swiss Chalet Quarter Chicken Dinner Like?" https://youtu.be/POR2JHPxSKI currently at 15 Views 1 Like 10 Dislikes. It was a single shot or frame with all natural lighting.
First off the previous video "Cooking Steak - A Nerve Wracking Cook Job" https://youtu.be/cz7Vb8wSy2k currently at 1048 Views 93 Likes 23 Dislikes only got about half of the view count I somewhat expected. Rarely do I expect a view count but I thought the just picture of the steak and the title would draw more of a worldwide interest.
Also of note my latest song "Jake Johnston  - Sunfest "Still Going Back For You" https://youtu.be/yA_3SPHt7SY currently at 1109 Views 68 Likes 32 Dislikes continues to rise even though it's not headlining up well over 10 percent which is good and unusual. With songs I usually only get views if the song is headlining on my channel but with this song it was under 1000 maybe even under 900 so I'm really happy that some seem to enjoy listening to it.
I know that the music is less viewed and not as well received from a like dislike count as other videos and this week listening to songs from over a year ago which were subpar I realize that I have limitations musically and talent wise but I love writing the poems and trying my best to sing my heart out and after all this is a music channel according to social blade (which has to categorize it as something) so expect more music....eventually...but not now. I love music, the food of the soul.
With the current video I decided to stick with a food theme but not for the reasons you might think.
Currently I'm at a precipice of a life changing situation if it works out and it may mean the total end to future video production and release Jake's Showcase at any point. I would do one au revoir video to all.
But the truth is that in the right situation continuing to produce on Jake's Showcase would not be beneficial to me as I would have to concentrate on more important things.
Really, I've done what I wanted to, at least how my goals got dialed down to simply getting a million views on the channel overall in March. Sure the original goals were much bigger however I could say goodbye and still feel accomplished....I did it man. I'm proud of it.
But you know I do love making videos, showing off, being the center of attention in my own little way in my own little Jake's Showcase stage. It was fun.
But me feeling happy, satiated with the channel and on to new things is not the reality of the moment as the show continues at least tonight.
Did you figure out my riddle darling?
More hints? There's a farm on 42nd I fancy boarding the Hudson, eventually they called me Patience, I hate that German Literature chair at Columbia. 
You know it's not my job to find the twinkling sparkles in you when you think of me. It's yours.
And everyday as I see the former icicles from your eyes melt and turn warm, wonderful and fond of me and my way as you realize who I am. It makes me happy too, when you are happy. 
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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