Tuesday, 23 August 2016

"My Letter To Warren Buffett" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "My Letter To Warren Buffett" https://youtu.be/hkT7tVD93NE currently at 7 Views 1 Like 0 Dislike. It was 1 shot one take on a first cut first take basis with lamp lighting.
Well the video itself speaks for itself. I found an old letter I had mailed to Warren Buffett and I thought the raw first reading in 7 years would be interesting both to fans and myself.
This video is full of truth and one of the first that begins to give insight into my financial market acumen and motivations behind my interest. From poverty, I always looked up and saw the numbers flying around were like giant birds in the sky and just one feather is all it would take to revolutionize my financial life and the life of my family.
What I point to here is the changing market capitalization of large stocks on a typical trading day and how simply multiplying a fraction of the trading volume by minor interday trading is worth so much a normal person or less would never make so much in their lifetimes.
An example of any of the Dow 30, Nasdaq 100 or Tsx 60 stocks on any day and you're a multi millionaire, deca millionaire depending on volume. And yet any person with a minimum wage job any under $100,000 may slave away and never achieve such heights.
Just grabbing not a piece of the pie rather a crumb of the pie and you're all set.
This coming from a guy who can't pay his rent. Mind you I wrote this 7 years ago but the irony is stark.
My pie in the sky focus on big multinational high volume large cap trading discrepancies and variations which would allow for capitalization on such has left my real world result as one impoverished.
By the way completed my third round waiting for good news. Unlike the other 9 in that final room, I desperately need this higher level job I tested for last week. I have no other options here in my hometown as the combination of my slight lightly abled frame and city wide talked about status due to YouTube means no one will touch me. "That's that Jake's Showcase guy. Oh my God." From quite conservative high unemployment London they don't want the showcase landing in their job space. Well known yet too well known for a business.
So I hope I pray. They may send me out of town around the province and I will go. Here would be the best but I need a fresh start one way or another, something I can stand up and legitimately say I do instead of just "the YouTube dreamer". Hey I'd stick with the YouTube dreamer if I had the money but the land lord has his pen out ready to evict me, so I need this third round to work. I've done what I can for the moment, the Gods will decide.
You know your twinkling eyes make me shine and beam. Just thinking of them. And I know when you read this you may be lonely. And be it in this life time or the life time you live you think, "if I had only been alive then I would have met him, my soul mate." This crazy fellow even writes the super elite.
But know that I am still available, because I am still with you. I saw an Elizabeth Taylor interview yesterday, she would have been in her late 50's or early 60's. Her eyes, the poise, the movements, the postures, it was all so right there, still. She was still the same. But rather then her, I think of you and your splendor.
Darling..... oh darling, hug me, be with me, just you and me, just tonight.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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