Tuesday, 12 July 2016

"Picnic By Myself - Down by The Riverside" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase http://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "Picnic By Myself - Down by The Riverside" https://youtu.be/_RAroFr-Jh0 currently at 13 Views 1 Like 0 Dislike. It was 2 of 4 shots with all natural lighting.
Surprisingly this week was higher then the last by about 20% as the combination of a non music video and the fact I was away a weekend ago vs this weekend I think muted all the people who see me throughout a week here and there as I'm all throughout the city when I'm in town. I'm like the ultimate wanderer. I come up with like these brain schemes like "oh let's look up house prices" and then I go to look at them live by walking. I look at high priced houses, ones I want and less price houses ones that would be more affordable, compare their condition, location, potential and add in what I know about the city, trends ect to figure out what I think would be a good deal and why.
Really with houses you want to buy a good house in a good neighborhood and be done with it. House flipping is for handymen and women and the transaction cost are much.
But really man, you've got no job bro, like what are your doing? Job like JOB, get a job. Ok, ok, hey listen it's not like I haven't been trying....hundreds of applications, maybe over a thousand, but no calls or very few....got one today.
Really it's supply and demand, when these companies really, really need people they know I'll show up and can do it, but it seems like they really, really, have to need people to hire me. I'm a last pick on the schoolyard basketball team and only if the teams are uneven.
I've talked several times about how companies really hesitate to hire me and it's been hard. But really I'm quite a good bet, especially now after 6 months unemployed, won't let the next one go.
But I've got to think of plan b, or rather plan w....running out of letters....in securing a long run future and career. My Jake's Showcase leading to my millionaire or rather multi millionaire status has been not working and by the way we passed 4 years this past week on Jake's Showcase congrats to me.
Love life, really I'm just getting better at reading body language and being able to clearly see easy signs to back off and do so rapidly or chat it up if they like....read the vibes man and act accordingly. But more importantly I think my best strategy is to take care of myself....eating better again...and thinking about making a serious adjustment in the labor market to make me more attractive using my brains that have not been utilized they way they use to be in a long while. Remember I was a top dog years ago, but I have to use that brain. No details now.
I see people want to read me more, when will he write again, the summer's time for energy getting out by going out in the world cause you can, winter is more writing. And you have 945 other posts to ready if you're really dying to read.
More videos ready, making plans to make me overall better in the short and long run....but my plan to somehow become that deca millionaire is still remains. Just that one break please God....I know I may be tapped out in requests allowances but what about just one more..... 
Love Me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com  

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