Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Jake Johnston - Sunfest "Still Going Back For You" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase http://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "Jake Johnston  - Sunfest "Still Going Back For You" https://youtu.be/yA_3SPHt7SY currently at 18 Views 3 Likes 0 Dislikes. It was the 4th of 6 takes with spotlight overhead and lamp lighting.
I had 5 prepared videos to choose from for this week. This video may have been the weakest and I was going to say that I thought it may have been my worst song but I listened to it a couple extra times tonight and thought no, it's actually pretty good. Sure the singing isn't great and sure the guitar work shows the rust, really my thumb bled by the 6th take because I'm playing very infrequently and when I do it tears the skin because I'm not playing regularly enough to get callouses.
The word interplay and the rhymes pattern combined with a heartfelt song and tone make this song work, special in fact. The rhyme pattern in particular, rhyme, no rhyme, rhyme, rhyme with the no rhyme line is a nice and tricky play on poetry....got to keep my mind busy solving the puzzle too now.
Really the song is "Still Gong Back For You" but it is regarding Sunfest which is a local summer world festival here in this city and I added it in because for reference. I think it works.
It will be interesting on how it goes over. I know in general my songs are not nearly as well received as my other videos but here this video is on the heels of my last which had a 143-8 like to dislike ratio likely my highest 15-1 rate in memory for the first week so if they like me it puts fans to the test.
I knew that the next 4 videos are all more entertaining, however why not see how people react when I jump back to music.
Life is changing at the rate of tectonic plate movements, which by the way is 5-10 cm a year, but they are changing. I continue to slowly lay bricks of how I'm to approach the next phase or year. One by one I try to improve myself and try to shift into gear of how am I going to make this all work.
Sure I'd love a film or tv show role, maybe a record. But that's not the reality. How do I do this....well that's what I've been working on. The current London job market has shown me via my applications interviews low responses and straight up rejections have made it clear that me as a job candidate is not desired. I've gone from being little desired to not desired. If I slip through the application screening as soon as they see me live at an interview I'm out.
But I'm one hell of a guy, I know that, and I always figure it out and now I've got a new idea which I'm working on, still no details.
Basically if you know your highly talented, gifted if you will, yet due to certain physical limitations and maybe social faux pas, like being the biggest multi dimensional Youtuber in the region, (PS I'm second overall, but the other guy does only one thing, visual art painting and the University is an institution not individual doesn't count)   are not "in" regarding the standard job market, you have to be smarter, sharper, flexible, adaptable to make it all work.  I've got a place in society and I am valuable. But how to prove it. This is where adjustments come in. So I'm adjusting. 
I think that deep inside you know I'll pull through this what has been difficult phase. Will I keep doing YouTube, I have to remember, it's all part of it. I love the camera and it wouldn't be right just to quit.
And for the hearts that are cheering for me, I appreciate you, I think of you, I'm with you. Light, love, time travel, we fly....but of course, but of course.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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