Tuesday, 21 June 2016

"What I Got My Mom For Her Birthday" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase http://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I just released "What I Got My Mom For Her Birthday" https://youtu.be/w9rCOxBg0_0 currently at 17 Views 1 Like 1 Dislike. It was one shot with all natural lighting.
Well, I went birthday present shopping and after I got it I thought I'd share a little of who I am by showing everyone what I got Mom for her big day. I haven't done any videos regarding family except a few talking about my Dad but I thought this might be a nice spot for a Mom video. A non prepared video it was truly inspired....the feeling hit and I decided to give it a go. Yep so this is my style at the moment. Birthdays are important.
I was intentionally quiet this week as my last video I felt held lots of weight on it's own. Blogging about my thoughts, life ect is simply supplemental to the main pursuit of video making and I find that it's an additional way people go to my channel and videos. I think to some the inside scoop of my developments as an artist is interesting. 
I ended my 5 week experiment on Monday which began May 15 where I unblocked all the previously blocked users. I wanted to see what happened. And I probably should have known that they went haywire trashing my videos and channel...like they did before when I blocked them.
I didn't really like it and while I was inspired to unblock and just let the comments role in from a big YouTuber after watching Lebron James win the NBA Championship I realized in his post game speech that in fact we all have different missions.
Me I don't need that type of commentary, I've had way more then any person who's been commenting in my life, so I just removed it. I plan on keeping an eye on the comments....a bad one ok but several, persistent, not here, no thanks. Plus when I let the comments go nuts I didn't even feel comfortable replying to my actual fans. This has been a key in me building a fan base. Say something every once in a while to a fan, they'll help you find more fans. Even loyal fans hesitated commenting because they would just get mauled by these weird type people. So as a manager of my channel I will try to stay up on it, except music videos, no replies there, that's totally a different sort of art form and open to a wide array of interpretation. Just to be enjoyed.
Jobs, got some calls, hopefully back at it again soon enough. Likely similar type of work which I excel. I continue to consistently apply at a wide variety of locations.
Love life, na, no can do. I'm still quite shy. After asking out so many last year now I just say hi and try to smile.
But darling, that twinkle in your eyes is that just the light, or love. The twinkle of yearning, passion, hope. Like magnets, the draw, however invisible, however slow, is there.
Kisses into the night but only for you, all of you.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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