Thursday, 9 June 2016

"Storytime - A New Fable - The Boy, The Lion and The Cave" Released

This morning on Jake's Showcase I have just released "Storytime  - A New Fable  - The Boy, The Lion and The Cave" currently at 11 Views 1 Like 0 Dislikes. It was 2 shots or takes with spotlight lamp and overhead lighting.
Well, a Thursday morning upload? A first? Quite possibly, but why. Well of course there's the always mix it up factor that I like here on Jake's Showcase but I've had this video for a bit and know it will likely struggle with poor search criteria and long story. I think the story is well done but these types of videos are not flashy and require more time to get any traction. Kinda like a music song.
This does lead me with really no videos in wait which means that I've got to get my mind to doing a new one but not quite sure which idea to go with.
Whenever you make a video you have to realize that there's a real wide diversity of what people think. Overall my workout videos do best followed by my drinking videos as far as viewership goes but I've got a whole lot else both on the channel and in real life that I think about and would enjoy doing a video of.
Sure I'm still aware of the views, what the counts are ect but really I don't really make that much of a factor any more. Why because really it's all infinite, like there's no end to numbers and view counts and I hit my long sought after 1,000,0000 views on the channel mark three months ago. Sure it's higher now but really it's not really giving me much juice or excitement like it did when I had a target or goal. I mentioned 100 million but that seems so remote that it's barely worth thinking about.
And even then, so what. Well I guess the so what is a guy with nothing being able to achieve great heights in YouTube. How does that translate into the real world. Well I would think someone would see the potential for a TV show or film role maybe even a song company. But nothing yet, except Tosh.0 last summer. I took a pass on that based on the offer.
Will see life brings, us many things, we try to just enjoy the day and deal with our situations as best we can.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans
Jake Johnston

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