Tuesday, 24 May 2016

"Typical Tuesday in London Ontario With Me" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase http://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "Typical Tuesday in London Ontario With Me" https://youtu.be/smXyLzdow-s currently at 20 Views 1 Like 9 Dislikes. It was 75 shots with all natural lighting.
I went with a much longer vlog here on the heels of a real short clip type of video always good to mix it up. I thought you know why not just go through a typical day....nothing fancy, but lots of material.
Today I went house shopping looking at houses in north London $899,000, $275,000 and $345,000 for the three I had my eyes on....all this with $0.20 in my pocket. We can dream, we can envision, we can prepare.
You see this past weekend due to a glitch it looked like I was an instant millionaire on Saturday night netting $1.744 million, it was corrected and no I'm not, but for the couple hours it looked like I was, it made me do some mental exercises.
Would I buy a house, if so where. They say birds of a feather flock together. What birds do I want to be associated with. Not just then, but now.
I'm pretty dam determined to get rich someday, I'll say rich is over a million minimum.
Meanwhile I can't even get a job, and had to scrounge to keep smoking the past 4 days. I'm really hooked and don't want to quit right now.
This past weekend saw me on the beaches of lake Huron and Erie and country bound as it was a holiday weekend in Canada called Victoria day. Family and friends did abound and I really enjoyed getting out of London but not to a big city....I need to continue to broaden my horizons. Beaches are beautiful, but nothing compares to the oceans.
I really should move, that's what the numbers say. The job market here for me is as cold as a freezer yet I'm not jumping in my car so quick. I still think it's going to work out here somehow. Where I can be ok and stay near family....but what am I going to do.
A pauper who thinks like a wealthy man, who so desperately wants to be a wealthy man yet can't feed himself, how Ironic.
I've got to pick up my asking out girls game to if I want to go out with them. Get that courage back kiddo.
But again it comes to birds, what birds do you want to be with, what style, what's there days going to be like, what's their problems and concerns. Do you really want to deal with the consent and common problems of the poor and at loose ends or the wealthy. Where shall I get my  big boost or break from?
Overall feeling good. At peace somehow. And yes I know you yearn me, as do I you. Maybe someday.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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