Sunday, 1 May 2016

Surprising Trips This Weekend

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Woke up Saturday in a tizzy. After a very poor restless night after eating too many chocolate chip cookies late night, the sugar and chocolate kept me wound, I planned on abandoning ship on my Toronto trip for my sister's birthday party. But by late morning I was sitting in the car, washed showered and at the bank machine and I decided to go for it and make the effort.
Well worth it as the birthday was a grand success complete with laughing kids, cake and groovy tunes. I have gotten the previous daunting drive to Toronto down to a science, when to go to avoid jams, the most efficient lane and speed and easiest route. Now it's a breeze almost a yawner. But I like my bed, like familiar things so I returned home late evening.
The following day my parents were to visit my sister for a surprise visit as a different uncle from Atlantic City, my sisters godfather, made a surprise visit due to his best friends death. Today was her actual birthday and I planned to use their washer for laundry and take it easy today, lie low. But when I got there, they were delayed and had not left yet and I decided to join the car ride for another trip to Toronto. That's 5 times in less then a month and I haven't been there for almost a year and like one a year before that.
Today's trip was even better as he's an expert fiddler and combined with my father's guitar they make the most splendid, music songs, classics, rock, and of course Irish jigs and reels. 
I never play with them. I just am not on their level and truthfully just love absorbing it as a listener, letting the music dance in my head and intensely watching my father's chords, strum beats and tricks, trying to pick up one thing each time.
But I am a clapper and I clap along loudly to the beat, almost creating a drum like affect adding to the band. The several children and women danced and tonight and people howled. Very enjoyable, then a second round of dinner, cake and presents for a birthday party that turned into a birthday weekend.
Oh just another typical Johnston family, birthday. Our birthday's are like better then major holidays. So back now tonight chilling.
It's like I have two life's. One was my vibrant family and best friends life and the second is like this strange YouTube guy who walked around in this systematic way throughout the city for the past three years like a robot trying to build up a million views. Who I am and maybe who the outside world may think I am may be two very different things.
So yes, go with the flow, today must have meant to be, what you think or plan to do isn't always what you do. All my job is, is to say "yes" when an opportunity is presented and the spirit moves me.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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  1. Do you regret turning down $1,000 from Tosh.0 now?


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