Monday, 2 May 2016

Still Learning YouTube Channel Format and Features

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston  - "The Happy Spring Dance" is at 596 Views 39 Likes 37 Dislikes.
I was in a sort of phased out, gazed out state today as at first I was still high off the weekends enjoyable family gathering. But as the day wore on I became rather lost and distant. I didn't eat until about 5pm and my skipping lunch caused me to sort of zone out.
You see my uncle left and I was back in London and everybody shuffled off to their jobs, and different various spots in the society that they go and it sort of put that question back into my face....well where do I go, where do I fit?
I hope to really up the Jake's Showcase video production in the near future. I thinking twice or three times a week, of course I'll only promise one a week but if I really up the video volume this will focus the get the next video ready, get the next video out and that will really occupy me. But as I've mentioned with music videos because of the unsearchable friendly they need to be allowed to run a whole week to maximize exposure or view count. Very soon my friends, very soon this will change, just be patient.  
When you have a guy with the energy who could make like one video a day only do one a week and have one for the next week already ready it's like really ho, hum waiting.
I'm still learning about channel format from some of the absolute best. I pick and choose. How do they do it, how do they lay it out. What do they have I don't that I can control. How to make it similar yet different.
If Lebron James practices 100 three throws a day, Stephan Curry shoots 100 three's a day and Kevin Durant  practices 100 jump shots a day the common factor is 100. So if you want to be good you have to shoot 100 a day....of which shot is your choice but you'd be smart to do as the pros do and get your 100 shots up a day. Learn from the best, find commonalities and make personalized adjustments.
I know there's a place for me, I know that my energy  and effort and talents are of value even though it all hasn't all worked out quite yet.
Be nice, try hard, believe, wait.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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