Friday, 29 April 2016

More Canadian Geese Notes...

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston  - "The Happy Spring Dance" is at 362 Views 34 Likes 36 Dislikes.
Many of the previously blocked users are slowly discovering that they are unblocked which I did a few days ago and you can see them trickle back in with comments. In fact the much raised dislike count for this video may also be a result of the unblocking, I'm not sure if blocking does not allow comments or comments or votes. So in taking a cue a big YouTuber I've opened myself up...but really I'm ok with it....sort of.
I went to Western meats today for a cheesesteak in the south end of the city for lunch. The past three days my lunches had been not satiating and I was feeling weak and somewhat sick as a result. The sandwich was very good nourishment today, just what the doctor ordered, some real solid beef, boost that protein and red blood cell count and I was feeling much better today.
I then went to the park in the center of town by the river called Harris park in search for geese. As I mentioned yesterday I went searching for geese yesterday and didn't find them but was able to find them today and I sat amongst them by the river watching them, trying to just be with them.
I wanted to more closely observe little geese and generally my theory proved right. Geese are really kind of uniform yet different. Several came around me to check me out as when I sit I'm very low to the ground and we make eye contact. They were interested but after a while just went on there way, plucking, twisting their necks, eating, swimming, dealing with their geese social issues amongst themselves.
When geese eat, one or two will eat and another will watch. Then they change and the other eats while the other watches. It might have something to do with swallowing the grass down their long necks but likely it's just a simple lookout. Why geese why me, well their big birds that have to eat a lot and they're very well organized....the best organized is ants but geese take it for birds and maybe other animals.
Off to Toronto tomorrow likely for my sisters birthday, not 100% decided but most likely 4th trip in a month. Wow how unusual for me, a difference, a change but we're past a million views now so everything is simply bonus now and I don't need my mechanical ways of the past any longer.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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