Thursday, 12 May 2016

Pounding Pavements and Learning From Geese

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Why I Don't Go to Toronto...A Case Study...Good Luck" is at 591 Views 47 Likes 47 Dislikes. With just under 2 hours before the 2 day mark almost 600 views a very good showing for the past while in two days tells me there was definitely pent up demand for a non music video on my channel.
In fact this was the first video to cross that magic 301 view count mark in a single day in a very long time. So I knew that the non music was preferred but I didn't expect that sharp of a per day jump. I get it, but I already knew it.
So I was pounding the pavements hard the past few days determined. It's hard to explain to people outside of this city but getting a job for me is increasingly hard because I'm a known entity. I represent something good or bad to people as you can see by the most recent 47-47 split I draw a reaction. This makes the job market very difficult, but I'm a great worker and a gem for whoever chooses me.
The past three days I've spent an hour or so down by Harris park in the center of town with the geese after I do my day time job hunt. Dinner and evening hour is my geese hour. The looks vary from positive to negative from people who look at me and I'm really sensitive but not with my geese.
In many ways I like the geese better then people, they get me. So I sit with my geese, they show me how to live.
I'm confused as usual if and when to pop anther video or two out this week. The past two days the channel is doing much better with this release in fact I hesitate even writing't touch it...your doing good. I want this video to go as long as possible but I am ready...and I want to make more.
I just want to see who floats into my life. Who's attracted to me with my harem scarem approach since I've stopped my "walk" for the moment. I'm not talking to anyone right now and been to burned to much to try to initiate.
I thought about the blocking of users again recently. In the one case your suppose to encourage and get engagement, you want to see comments true. But if your most prolific commenters are verbal abusers, do you really want that? I've decided no. No, they can keep their negativity....I've had plenty in my life and still trying to heal from my lifetime wounds.
You know somehow, I think there's a very beautiful woman whom finds an artist who likes to sit by the river with his geese attractive. They get me. A weirdo, well, who else can he talk to. Again, the geese get me and I am learning how to get the geese.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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