Monday, 25 April 2016

Why Did I write Music on Mondays?

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston  - "Big City, Big Smoke" is at 540 Views 31 Likes 20 Dislikes.
So today being a Monday the question may arise why have I written my Music on Mondays? Well the house I live in is odd. People go to work on Mondays which means I'm not disturbing many if any. I've gotten it down to liking to write and play the song in the same time period, not writing and playing a couple days later so I can really focus my energy on the song and be done. On Monday's the weeks events have unfolded and whatever has inspired me rises to the top of the list in my musical mind. Throughout the week I come up with several ideas but it's only by Monday I fully processed all, slept on it all for days and what comes forth is the winner.
Also in a week I like listening to radio that plays in local shops or what I hear and feel the beat the combination of musics and think of "yeah, that would work, oh yeah that is great, hey I could try that". Again by Monday's I've thought about all of it and then focus time and energy with pen to paper in a caffeine morning gaze out the window.
I also get to see how my channel and how the previous songs have done and process all that and what comes out is a space timed piece of work.
Truly I wish I was more gifted. I complain a lot about the lack of technical advantages that I don't possess, still working with the original camera and broken tripod and spotlight but really it's the lack of giftedness I most lack.
If your truly gifted it all pops so naturally, but not with me. I have to do so much marketing like my walk to get views, the gifted just get them because their so good. The other measures of success come after that for them but it's because their just gifted. My biggest deficit is my lack of giftedness.
But I'm a one will doubt or argue with me on that. With all my flops, I still sit here writing.
I'm fading tonight, not sure what that means. I wish I was on a date tonight. But life is what it is and I'm not.
Maybe love just isn't meant for me. For some people it's not. Maybe I'm one of those people.
I guess I got to keep floating down the river they call life and see where it brings me.
Missing you and our connection,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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