Monday, 4 April 2016

Wanting The Last One...The Most

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston - "The Candy Store" is at 711 views 42 Likes 10 Dislikes.
Well with even the slightest hint of sun yep I was out walking my walk again today. My "deeds not words" or "actions speak louder then words" line tells me that I really enjoy being outside, walking, having somewhere to go and it gives me a chance to run into women. Think about it I'm sitting right here there's no where else to go and around here it's not the dating crowd as it's developed families and old people. Down town there's university types, working types, preps to grunge, every type really. I would never do online dating, any of the official sites anyway, youtube, facebook, twitter don't count as these are legit contact points but not official dating sites like match, plenty of fish, eharmony ect.
I like face to face or if there facebook friends I know something about them, youtube, there attracted to me for something that's cool. I'm the passive type these days with face to face being my most likely way to ask someone out or suggest something of the like.
On computers you never know who you're talking to. I guess live too, but you got more inputs to better judge the situation.
So actions, went on my walk when the sun came out and I had my next video done cause it's Monday and I did go to the south mall. Sounds like I'm doing everything the same.....well, come on Jake, you love your pattern, who are you kidding.
And darling, I know your still here in the background, even though I've had to shut the door. I had to do it it was time to move on, I had got my million views.
And while some doors may be closed in one regard, mine will never be. Remember I'm somewhat of a very, very horny male, always ready for some action. Well most men probably are but I especially am. My father had 7 children and 2 more miscarriages and unlike him I'm unmarried and uninvolved and I love women.
It's really such a same thing, it's like the most hot girl that I see last in a day is the one I want most. I see one want her, see two, want her, see three, want her. Want, want, want just check all the boxes of the good looking.
No beauty I'm not uninterested, especially in you, but you come to me so to speak when ready. In the meantime I'm on the prowl, so to speak, not literally, rather watch for the most beautiful most ready and willing to go get it on right now.
Love me
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston


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