Saturday, 23 April 2016

Unblocking Bad YouTube Commenters....But Why?

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston  - "Big City, Big Smoke" is at 449 Views 29 Likes 19 Dislikes.
I decided to unblock everybody in whom I have blocked on Jake's Showcase throughout time today. One account had to stay blocked but the approximately 19 others I unblocked.  This blocking process had preventing comments on my channel or materials. Most of these people the comments on this channel trashed me in a variety of ways intentionally again and again no matter what the video was about.
I did this after watching a video by YouTuber Emily Hart a large YouTuber who said she doesn't block anyone and I thought about it over a few days.
Really why would I want to not allow comments from certain people? Either a) they I felt were to negative or b) I was concerned about spam ruining my channel. 
Really for the spam part I think YouTube has a pretty good idea of how to handle that and they do that themselves which left negative comments toward me and my channel. 
Really man, you've got to be able to handle the negative comments. Sure they're not nice but you've got to be able to hear criticism and not be affected. Maybe even you'll learn something or someone will make a good point.
Freedom of speech should be allowed. How it affects me is my issue and I can work with that.
Now if I feel like it's just too much, ignore it, but blocking....I don't know it's a bit much man.
So I changed my mind and stance on this after hearing Ms. Hart and think her approach is right. She's a big successful you tuber and that's how she does it so we'll go with's likely the right approach. 
Plus I know that reading mean comments has been a popular funny trend in YouTube recently however I highly doubt I'll ever do that video. Dialogue, comments, engagement on YouTube is all good.
It's an evolving process for me this journey. Maybe I'll turn around and block everyone again, but I'll try to stick with this open air way for the time being.
I'm looking forward to the changing venue with the videos happening soon enough. Hope all is well with you thinking about me.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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