Saturday, 16 April 2016

Pattern Changes, Insights and Real Callings?

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston  - "Bring Me Back Emerald Isle" is at 541 Views 37 Likes 9 Dislikes. Happy to see my likes slowly rise this week.
Sure the video and the channel move slower then a typical week but like I've mentioned before with me just doing songs the past four weeks that pizzazz is not there so to be expected. Also it's now beautiful out in Canada with temperatures over 20 C or 68 F I was in a red tee shirt today, loved it. Yesterday I did my "walk" twice but today only once. I had an insight.
You see if your just walking up and down the main strip of London twice a day what is your goal? Ok, well to raise view count. Well wait, I've already surpassed the million mark a month ago and this is all bonus so from a view count standpoint that doesn't make sense, don't need it. Ok part 2, well maybe I'll meet a girl. Well wait, for the past 3.5 years you've done this nearly every day and the fact you are near women doesn't mean that they're all of a sudden going to start jumping all over you in love with you, it never happened before so why would it suddenly happen now. Don't they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Really, it's a waste of time and energy that second walk and when I did it Friday I was so tired because the walk takes like 2-3 hours that I got a stiff back and a headache and passed out early. So today I just drove for that second late afternoon mission and went to a middle eastern restaurant Barakat near my former University for a beef sharwama. 
Really, the third thing is that my whole idea of no longer chasing or pushing the issue at all with females makes the reality that I've just got to hang back and let the situations develop the way that it's suppose to work. Now I'm not sure how it's suppose to work, but go with the flow.
I may do a walk a day but not two going forward. I want to be walking with someone not by myself apart of the street people scene like I have been. The beggars are in the same spots at the same time everyday and I realized that "wait so am I". No, I'm too good, to proven and I've got other interests and things to do now that I hit my goal.
One really cool thing that this change brought today was I ran into a lady I knew from the grocery store after she finished work and gave her a ride home. She's elderly and we made good positive acquaintances over the years and I saw her waiting for the local bus. There was a day we rode the bus together when I worked at Goodwill and now I'm fortunate to have a car. I was happy to help and honestly happy to have her accept.
Helping others, I wonder if this is my real calling.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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