Thursday, 14 April 2016

First Non Coat Day Today

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston  - "Bring Me Back Emerald Isle" is at 337 Views 31 Likes 9 Dislikes.
I guess with this being the 4th song video in a row the sort of surprise element has worn down and the last 3 days I've seen a drop in view count on a daily basis for the channel. By the forth video here it's like "Check Jake's Showcase" well if you want to hear a song Jake wrote and sung. I noticed the same this past fall when I think I made 10 video in a row all songs that the per day view count kept falling and falling until I abandoned it and swapped back to random. This past winter I stuck with more serious for my random as I was working at a job and until I left the job was hesitant to hit it hard with the comedy.
I say all this just to maybe remind you and myself that I know going in that if I choose to sing a song and let it play on headline for a whole week and repeat it again and again I am consciously choosing to have a lowered daily channel view count.
Of course it's easy to switch back but the bigger picture idea is that it the music videos that really could take off. Rebecca Black and Susan Boyle are two examples of sudden stars via YouTube even Justin Bieber somewhat but he really became a star with Baby which was professionally produced but was picked up because of other people songs he sang on YouTube. Black and Boyle were sort of unintended stars, Bieber I'm not really sure.
But music + YouTube = Stardom has been seen and that's the little magic equation I'm banking on when I let it float a week's song. Now it's gotta be the right song, sung just right, with the right music, at the right time and getting people in just the right mood to work.....and all these x factors work together in an undetermined calculus equation matched with a probability  theorem which is undefined at the moment.
Soo well just stick with that top line equation.
I'm out and about trying to help those I care about and hoping the spring brings some beautiful eyes my way. I have to say today being the first of many non coat days I was very full and with my uncle from philly up I was having a blast....the girls who like me and maybe love me will get plenty of chance to court me the upcoming months. Spring fling...cha ching.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night fans,
Jake Johnston

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