Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Needing to Smile

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston  - "The Happy Spring Dance" is at 208 views 29 Likes 28 Dislikes. Like really, 57 votes on a 208 view video...that's unbelievable. 
Anyway it was quite the day today. Sunny true but still not that warm, warm, warm that I like and had to wear my jacket. I got this cool leather jacket about a 3 weeks ago given to me and I like it but it's not really that warm, but quite stylish and fits me well.
Sometimes you mess up. Like in regular life, we all know plenty of mess ups to choose from on videos, but in real life you can say or do things wrong that simply gets misunderstood or interpreted. Me Dr. Shy as so patterned I'm like afraid to do anything different and so when you come across something unexpected that goes wrong you're not ready for it and it throws you off. That happened to me today.
Felt sick tonight. My stomach wasn't right but feeling a touch better. I went down to the river today way on the east side of the city in my car. It was in sort of an isolated spot where I could just enjoy the sun, the flowing water and just breath. "Let my mind float". I don't need views being across my original goal so all this marketing mayhem that I've done with my highly visible patterned ways of the years are unneeded.
I've only mentioned once the magic 100,000,000 marker as a far, far distant goal and I do again here just for reference. Now wouldn't that be something. Jake gets 100 million views on YouTube. Anyway there's always dreams.
The water, the sun, the green, this is what I need to make me feel better. Later this evening, I missed NYC tonight. I've only been there a handful of times but there's something there about the streets the flow, the zip, it's like me, embedded in it's sidewalks, calling me.
But I keep standing on the riverbank, looking at the Canadian Geese fly above me, I get the Geese, a special connection, they just are.
Don't know what's next, make a new goal, quit, just keep going and see what happens. I love smiles. I need to smile.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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