Friday, 1 April 2016

Doing Things You've Meant To, For Years

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston - "The Candy Store" is at 463 Views 31 Likes 9 Dislikes.
Got a lot done today as I was able to go to Fedex and get my transcripts and degree scanned onto a disk as well as convert my updated resume to pdf, my computer has no adobe or a scanner so Fedex, while relatively expensive is good because it gets the job done right. Many places want these things on job apps and even school apps and for years I've meant to do it but finally did it today.
Paid rent, had a London Canada version of a Philly cheesesteak at Western meats, not even close to the real thing, but it was the best or closest to a real cheese steak in the city. You don't serve cheesteaks on ciabatta buns and the steak is to be thinly not thickly sliced as is the mushrooms but nice try and it was good anyway, actually loved it but it was $13.00, ouch.
Then paid my rent in cash to my new landlord who just bought the place and went out east of the city for my dinner ending up eating in the hood, or around where I grew up, Tim Horton's. God it's terrible where I grew up, not a good looking girl for miles, mostly homeless types as it's beside the Salvation Army. I grew up real rough area of town. Good looking women would never go around here it's all ugly. The white hood, know when to run, know when to give up smokes or money, drugs and crime are careers.
The song slowly trickles up but no call from Time Warner Music or Sony Music yet.
I found Kings of Leon today on YouTube. I like them. And you know what I'm going to say....I think I can do that too.
Let's look at differences, they have pretty good licks, decent voices a backup band that played sort of basic backup and boom there's huge. Did you know it was just two brothers who recruited their cousin and locked themselves in a basement for a month when they signed with RCA and essentially taught and learned how to play the various instruments. The words were pretty good, yeah they were good, very simple. 
You know the biggest difference I saw between where they are and me that I could implement was use of an electric guitar and microphone. Not acoustic but electric. Well I don't have an electric guitar. I could learn the licks, band can't do much about that off the top, words, well that's my bread and butter. The combination to make the song awesome, yes absolutely, with time. "Use Somebody", yes sir, I could.
You know you're reading a developing legend. Me. I will be rich and famous. The Waldorf Astoria, I will be there.
But always from poverty and pain...the effort...the desire for something more. The man with an insatiable sex drive. Yes, this is me growing. Special artists, special people are rare in this world. Why God made this path for me, I don't know.
I miss you darling. You are so beautiful.
Love Me,
Jake Johnston

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