Friday, 25 March 2016

Simpleton Days, Perfection Takes Time

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston -  "It's a Cloudy, Cloudy Spring" is at 486 Views 44 Likes 7 Dislikes.
Being Good Friday today many places were closed today. I thought about doing the walk but soon after outset returned home and got in my car. It was cold, windy and of course cloudy and I could see not a lot of people would be out and like I mentioned yesterday have grown bored of the walk.
I instead drove to a local Flying J truck stop in the south end to try to have lunch at Denny's but the crowds were too thick and I could see by the menu prices I was out of my league looking for a simple cheap burger. I then drove to the opposite side of the city on the North end and ended up at Mccdonald's where I had a Mighty angus with bacon and cheese. I then walked to a Tim Horton's in the adjacent plaza and returned home to put another hour in to cleaning my place or the king's chambers as I like to refer to it, perfection takes time you know....
I mention this simply to state that where ever I seem to go nowadays the same looks come to me. Men's pupils dilate when they see me as they recognize me, they give me a look as if they are not sure if they are suppose to like me or prepare for war against me. It's a quick look, recognize, back twitch, look again, calm down effect, quite interesting. While women all seem to simply look and touch their hair, look touch their hair, also interesting. From what I've read this is a automatic very primal attraction instinct women cannot control. However, no lady is jumping me yet.
More younger women seem to take to me then before as somehow conversation is flowing more naturally between them and me, they also seem to either like me right away or not like me right away before I even say a word. More seem to be liking me by the day....but again perfection takes time.
Relatives back from Toronto today which is nice for the Easter weekend.
And while here and there I am still frustrated at my lack of respect I feel I get from my family members I had the grandest idea today.
I'm going to write a number 1 hit. Number 1 on Billboard 100.
There you go you read it first here tonight. And....I'm going to do it.
Now when, where, why, you can answer all that, in fact I may have already done it. Remember I have 35 songs now on my music playlist this is like 3 albums if 10 songs per album and 4 if 8 songs and 2 if 12 songs each. It's albums aren't selling all that well just yet.
But what if I wrote a number one song, how about a couple or a few.
Ideally I would like a music mixer beats, instrument choices but I hear music like very few and I know how to make the mind tingle with the sounds and words....well I have words, words and more words. But no tools. Well a guitar for the moment. You watch I'm going to do it.
For now we wait, we ponder. This is my life a the moment, bought a pack of cigarettes, less then a dollar left in my pocket, mind you I have a little more in the bank. I'll live, we don't need money.
One other quick note. I thought about Patreon, looked at it a bit after a fans suggestion. It's not for me. Don't worry, I'll have a huge, huge, huge payday someday. VanGough was broke his whole life, Dean was impoverished until little before his death, impoverished superstar musicians to numerous to count. It all part of it. But I believe.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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