Tuesday, 26 January 2016

"The Hottest Boss Ever!!" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase http://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "The Hottest Boss Ever!!" https://youtu.be/ELU3CYNAPzs currently at 17 Views 3 Likes 1 Dislike. I am having a hard time remembering but I think it was 24 shots with spotlight and natural lighting.
Well here I moved back into the classic YouTube vlog style with the short cuts some making more interesting visually for the viewer. Again I don't have proper camera or software to make the cuts in the frame so it takes me several shots pieced together. It just means the story is cut into several bits and bits and merged together. With poor lighting, poor camera, poor software I work with what I currently have which is the same since the beginning in many ways it's amazing what I've done with the very few tools.
The story of course darling, you have to love it.
What do you do when dream girl is now your boss? Stare open mouthed. I guess that's the message.
This late morning and early afternoon I had somewhat of an epiphany and my thought pattern reverted back to my original plan of quitting at a million views, now the magic date is March 19, 2016. Really have I not done enough, is it now time to stop, forever, I edged towards yes.
However as the day progressed and I was able to capture some shoots, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed it and how much more I had to do. Now down to 7 weeks I equate that to 7 videos if I string it out and I have several prepared now leaving only 2 left to make, potentially. After the prepared videos are let out only two left beyond that to make.
What would I do, that I just needed to be on the channel. Remember I plan on keeping the channel active just no more additional production. Like to see if the nostalgia of no more created videos and how that would play out over the years and decades to come.
My guess is by stopping somehow that would do something special in itself.
The truth is last week I let out 2 videos and the week before 3 videos. In dropping from 2 made in the week to 3 my per day view count dropped 6% Saturday, 20% Sunday and 30% Monday on a week over week basis.
This tells me that viewership is almost entirely production sensitive and the more you make the more views you get. Disappointing because your dream is to have the word keep spreading and spreading that Jake's Showcase is awesome and see the viewership rise higher and higher despite video production but that does not appear to be the case. My channel has not caught fire.
Speaking of fire, fire in the heart, fire in the loins. You know they say it's that special dampness of love that puts the fire out. I look forward to that dampness quenching my fiery loins.
Love You Darling,
Jake Johnston

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