Saturday, 19 December 2015

"The Enneagram Personality Types - The Basics, With Examples" Released

Today on Jake's Showcase I have just released "The Enneagram Personality Types - The Basics, With Examples" currently at 6 Views 1 Like 0 Dislikes. It was 18 shots with spotlight and overhead lighting.
The first morning or Saturday morning release in quite some time, again I had aimed for it to be up Friday night but the 7 hours of upload time caused it to be after 3 am it would be available and I passed out tired. A quick note about uploading when you upload a single shot or frame it uploads much faster then if the video has multiple shots merged together, the multi shot videos take tremendous time to upload. If I had proper clipping software I would be able to have single shots and just trim out the fat, but I still work with my bankrupted Kodak camera and software so I am forced to do it this way.
This video is the first multi clip video I had done in a while and as you can tell I'm a little rough around the edges as my camera stand is broken not allowing me to get a consistent straight angle as I have to balance it every frame and do my best to eye it up before the camera flops over. Quite nerve wracking to say the least. Not to mention here the volume control was way off as each time the camera turns off the volume has to be reset and I forgot to raise or lower the volume to the correct amount here.I also think that my remote control has a volume control and when I'm hitting stop and start I think I'm unintentionally hitting the "lower" volume button.
All this could be corrected in a professional setting or at a minimum with a partner. Of course I would want it to be a female partner but truthfully I can't have a female partner without a relationship to back it up. If a girl is on camera with me on Jake's Showcase, we're together. I'm pretty sure it's that way with most YouTubers and it shall be with me.
Overall this video is a video, really it's channel volume that I am focused on here. On a tear the channel has now surpassed 875,000 views and rising faster, partially because of the multiple video releases per week and partially from me steering away from the music theme I went on this fall. Remember 10% music.
Again really if I was to just hold for a week that last video the dramatic video I liked it and could of held that for a whole week easily it cracked 500 views in just over 3 days and the Friday view count for the channel was stellar so I could have held off and been satisfied but rather then just holding I thought keep producing, keep giving people entertainment, keep the show rolling. Bang, bang, bang, the channel goes up, up and up. Big picture.
The topic, the Enneagram, interesting stuff, I was introduced to it as a child and took to it. As with much stuff from my childhood it faded with my partying but I got interested in it again. I'm no expert and I certainly don't want to hang my hat on this but really it makes the channel so interesting that the breadth of topics and styles is so vast. The continued attempt to cast the widest net to attracted the widest possible audience continues.
When it's all done which as of today is predicted April 8, 2016 in surpassing a million views I think little will doubt that's Jake's Showcase is truly one of a kind.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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