Tuesday, 8 December 2015

"My August 2015 Vlog and Future Plans" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase http://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "My August 2015 Vlog and Future Plans" https://youtu.be/FJXU21oXuQY currently 30 Views 10 Likes 0 Dislikes. It was single shot with natural lighting.
Well there you go. The music tirade on Jake's Showcase comes to an end with this video. A different video then music. So let's talk about what just occurred. Basically I wanted to have 10% of my videos to be music which they now are with 34 music videos. A year ago rather 13 months ago I got my guitar given to me after not having one for several years and on Nov 2 2014 released my first music related song. Somewhere along the line I got the idea in my head to have 10% of my stuff music on my channel thinking I have a bit of a gift with music and writing and went for it. I knew that my music struggled and therefore required an entire week each song to have any chance of racking up any viewership at all because being the headlining video for a whole week you maximize potential views and for the most part it worked. Each song including the past 9 weeks of songs have more or less had over 500 views each on average. And of course once the songs are not headlining barely move up. So I had to hold each song a whole week.
But trust me I've been waiting for today's date Dec 9 for months when 2 months ago I came up with the 10% music idea. Because now I can go at least 14 video without a song and stay consistent with my new 10% target.
And I hate to say it but music is "safe". You see so much of my stuff can be so wild and wacky and controversial that your actually playing it safe by doing a song.....really hard to come down to hard on a song. But the Jake was always there anyway....I just thought I'd buy myself a bit of time with the job and who knows what other impactful things by playing songs in my room. Can't hate that too much now can you.
But now the top is off the lid and I get back to being wild and unpredictable in my videos. Mostly for content but also for release time. According to social blade I will pass 1 million views channel wide May 5 2016 but I know it will be months before that as I plan on a series of off the cuff stuff in the upcoming weeks sure to grab eyes.
And look at this one....a boring vlog really. But look closer, the vlog title "My August 2015 Vlog and Future Plans"....it's like wait, its not August it's December....future plans....what are his future plans....wait it's a video that's not a song....I wanna check this one out. I think amazingly the combination of title, timing and content make this a brilliant "just a vlog" video.
Now back to love.....oh yes lovely love. How about wetness, I like that.
I want to be so sexually potent that just thinking of me let alone looking at me makes em wet. Especially you darling. An uncontrollable physiological reaction to me. Something about me making juices flow.
And even when dry, all the more exiting to making them female fluids flow, slow but surly, with caresses. 
I love you.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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