Friday, 11 December 2015

"How to Deal with Anxiety - How I helped My Dad with a Visualization Example" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase I have just released "How to Deal with Anxiety  - How I helped My Dad with a Visualization Example" currently at 4 views 1 Like 0 Dislike. It was single shot with spotlight and overhead lighting.
I tried to get this out Friday evening but the upload time was very long causing the release to be exactly midnight Friday into Saturday. So, here's the point of this video. The last video was doing well and it topped over 400 views in 3 days at 402 and while I was and am interested in maximizing the per video view count by letting the video go as long as possible on headline I thought 400 is pretty good I am responsible to look out for overall view count on the channel too and Friday's tend to be my worst day so I targeted a release on Friday to boost count.
Remember timing, so key. Volume of videos is the number 1 driver of eyes to the channel not advertising on Facebook or by walking around town but they help but rather it's videos that's number 1. I had been getting over 1000 adsense views every day and Friday was the biggest risk of being under so I wanted to even out the flow and keep it all over 1000. The channel is rising and continuing to rise well. The last video had a 48-0 like to dislike ratio and I was very pleased and thought take it and move on.
Furthermore I wanted to further distance myself from the music video I had been on tear with this fall and I wanted to indicate to the fans that unlike music videos where I always keep it headlined for a week that I was now into that non music phase and that unpredictability was back with release times. This combination of a predictable Wednesday video with a unpredictable one or two other releases for a week cause true fans to have to keep checking back at the channel to see if another was released.
In review, you wanted either 1 video a week or two videos a week for maximum Youtube channel liveliness. Three can work but your pushing over saturation. So for the next little bit expect the unexpected. Remember this is all being very closely monitored by myself as I continue to strive for my goal of 1 million views across the channel which today was predicted May 3 2016 but should be much sooner.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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