Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Jake Johnston - "Ugly Caterpillar" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase http://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "Jake Johnston - "Ugly Caterpillar" https://youtu.be/I887_LF59a8 currently 27 Views 5 Likes 1 Dislike. It was the 2nd of three takes with spotlight lighting.
I really really like this one, powerful somehow. Soon the musical march will adjust and I'll explain why with the onslaught of music videos week after week why I selected this route once I switch formats. It's all part of a larger picture.
On my first day of my promoted job title I discovered that my center will likely be closed in the near future because the company was purchased. Hence soon the job will end. Could be next spring as I had planned currently holding out for the projected May 19th date for my channel to cross the ever wanting mark of 1 million views across the channel but it could also happen alot sooner. Really I'm indifferent. I've seen so much, been through so much if it closes, it closes, if I last until I hit a million and quit or if the center closes before I'm still me no matter what and I'm not leaving this town until I do.
You know in the big picture I don't even know if having a job is worth it. You spend like all this time and you earn so little. My simple car breakdown last week basically wiped me out and I was back to a begger like state and that's with a full time job. And all the time and energy and focus your doing in a job, your spending valuable minutes of your life there...for...I'm not sure.
Sure you get to buy your lunch most of the time but really jobs are way over rated. Maybe if there's promise of a future, but now with the like 80% chance the center will close in short order it really dampens the prospects.
Really interesting morning. I went got the last of my money. Tried to figure out how to get to Friday payday what had to be cut, had to go ask for some, just to get me through the last three days. Then I ran into someone who I liked asked them out and got shot down and I took it like no prob. I was feeling sort of good and was dressed like I enjoy and was walking down the street.
Then out of the blue a very rich women pulled up in front of one of the two nicest restaurants in the city in a gorgeous Lincoln and her and a man got out. She asked me about how good the restaurant was, like I knew and was a good judge of high end restaurant quality. She was a true elite women, no blemishes, largely endowed, slightly tanned, the real tan you get from tropical vacations, not young but still hot. This was a women of means, and no one knows how to sniff out money like this 35-40 women category.
I told her it was great and it was one of the two best in the city and I pointed at the other best one. I had never been to either restaurant, but I know their the best. 
I found what was it about me, the way I dressed, walked, my look, my mannerisms that she smelled money and assumed I was a high end restaurant patron. It was telling. This women of money, the highest end demographic of money smellers, smelled me as a wealthy man. This is right after I borrowed money to by a pack of cigarettes and a sandwich.
The future is bright Jake, there's something about you that screams money, big money. And while at the moment it may not be so, it is becoming so apparent that the smell is seeping through your clothes and very begin.
And Yes darling, I still love you.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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