Saturday, 24 October 2015

Still Removing Unmontized Videos - Ugg

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston -  "I Never Seen A Good Thing A Gun Did" is at 358 views 16 Likes 19 Dislikes. Well you can imagine what I think about the dislikes over reaching the likes at the moment, not pleased, but what can I do.
You see the truth is I believe that the core base of these dislikes is coming from a very small defined area and while I feel bad you have to remember, Eminem had protests about his music. Many artists face push backs, dislikes, even bans. NWA I remember, wasn't allowed to be sold in Canada when I was little. Even Justin Bieber has like over 4 million dislikes on "Baby". So get use it, rockstar.
My biggest dislikes video is my 200 pushups video with over 350 dsilikes so it's not like I haven't seen a dislike before but still, you want people to like your like you. Really....truthfully...I'm a big, little softie, and it hurts.
So tonight I decided to do a quick scan through my 331 videos and found that My Lacelot Armstrong to sell everything due to drug scandal had been demonized. This video was made 2 years ago in January. This video was removed. This removal will cause a loss of 754 views on the channel in the next day or so.
I have to say,  geezed it's frustrating it took this long, for YouTube to demonetize a video up over a year and a half.  
So over 815,000 views on the channel and like I have always done, as soon as I see a video unmonitized or demonetized I remove it why?
In short I want to do things the right way I want to get to a million views overall in my channel totally legit and in the right way. Plus I feel that if that video that I make someday gets real popular that I should as the creator get financial benefit for making the video. 'Charlie Bit My Finger" was a hit a long, long time after it was publishe and if my video ever when off like that, I want to benefit.
Viewers viewing that video or any video of mine create a revenue generating opportunity for YouTube and hence I believe that I should also benefit. If I'm not going to make or even have the ability to make money off my material then that video is not going to allow others to make money off it either.
Truthfully in hindsight, it was a sort of crass video and I could see how me jumping around pretending to sell a variety of stimulants that Lancelot Armstrong used, could be deemed not quit in line with YouTube partners community guidelines. Remember we have to stay within a set of rules to be partners. Basically, the videos have to be neutral enough that YouTube can find an interested advertiser for that video. Milk, a rehab, beer, a car, cell phones, a gym, it really doesn't matter what the product is but YouTube has to be able to find something that someone would be interested in putting their product advertisement on. In that video crazily selling fake stimulants...ok I can see it might be hard to find an advertiser. Still though it to a real long time and I hate to loose the views.
This is like the 25th video I've removed approximenly but the first in abut 6 months as I'm much more refined and conscious of what the rules are. Stay on the good side of YouTube and win the right way, that's the Jake's Showcase way.
And Baby, we're Just Fate, get over here.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night,
Jake Johnston

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