Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Jake Johnston - "The Halloween Hop" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase http://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "Jake Johnston - "The Halloween Hop" https://youtu.be/AaA25cHWH-I currently at 34 Views 8 Likes 1 Dislikes. It was the 10th of 12 shots with spotlight lighting.
The last video only had 373 views for the week but with 4 days of Canadian thanksgiving activities I was really limited in my in person walking around advertising. I was surprised, I thought the last one was good but for once and for all I have to say that the on foot advertising really adds about 25% to the initial weeks viewership to the video. Again this is tirelessly walking the streets day in and day out so that people can see me in the local streets and shops. But this weekend 4 days I was engaged in family activities and nestled up in my families house.
I was a bit surprised as I thought that I had a bit more natural pull by now but I guess not so much. I would be happy if each video without a push hit 500 views in the first week but last week that's about 30% short. Oh well, live and learn. It turns out it was my worst preforming music video yet even lower then "I need a 24 now" which to date has still not crossed 400 views.
Remember big picture. Women love music. And just one hit and it's over, I'm a star. Keep going Jake, be patient Jake, keep trying Jake.
This song is great too. It's timely, well written and pretty darn well executed for the lack of everything that I have. Imagine if I get picked up by a real bona fide label? Imagine if I'm summoned by one or some of the greats. Imagine, just imagine how fast my life could be turned around where I'm popular, well like and craved by women internationally.
And I got the words, I got lots of words, I got more words and rhymes then I could write in a lifetime.
Just one hit, just nail it, just get that one right person or persons attention, the phone rings and I'm off to a major city to record, sing, write ect. Let's see.
In the meantime job chugs along, heart still yearns and the pattern remains constant.
Love from far away. Where are you. Why have you not appeared and confessed your undying love for me.
Who shall I kiss next? And who after that? Who shall I love next?
Your passion, my passion, our passion. The next kiss shall be magical.
Have a Wonderful Day or Night fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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  1. Damn you are one deluded guy Jake. If you put as much effort into analysing your silly music videos as you do at poring over the raw numbers you might accelerate your success instead of stagnating. I left a comment on your latest video, please take some advice for once.


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