Sunday, 7 December 2014

What I Know About My Disliker

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Hanging Leg Raises At Home!!" is at 149 Views 10 Likes 1 Dislike. Ah ha, the dislike reappears.
From what I know my disliker does dislike everything I do. The exception may include some of my drinking videos and maybe a non singing guitar rift. Hey and maybe just one here or there for not exact uniformity. But basically it's not a dislike of the video at all, rather of me.
They want me to know they don't like me.....but really? They dislike me this much? For this long? With this consistency? Dislike, dislike, dislike, again and again and again times a hundred.
Why would someone want to ensure I knew they didn't like me....with such consistency. Regardless of what I do. Why would they follow along so diligently? Why to up the anti from a simple dislike to nasty comments need to appear? "I don't like this....I don't like that....I don't like You.....bla, bla, bla, bla."
Sure the comments took a break for a bit but be assured the disliking and attention didn't and they come form the same source.
I think there can't be that much attention to the negative without an actual feeling of positive behind it.
I think somebody really likes me, they just can't get their head around it.
But why me? I'm just a nobody. A small little dude with a big dream and the courage to go and make it happen. Nothing special right? You find those guys everywhere, right.
Their all bright, kind, funny, generous, full of passion and dedication and love. There everywhere right? There's one here, there's one there and there's one over there and they look small and cute just like me right?
Well, you know the answer to that. You've seen the playground. So why me?
As the till beeps yet another beep, and your boring day, fades into the next, just dragging, yet again......
I want see Exodus. I want to see the movie Exodus. It looks good and I don't know when its coming out but I want to go with someone....someone I know, I knew or will meet, hopefully in the next couple days.
Who will that be, will it be you?
Have A Wonderful  Day or Night Fans
Jake Johnston

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