Saturday, 6 December 2014

"Hanging Leg Raises At Home" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase I have just released "Hanging Leg Raises At Home" currently at 2 Views 1 Like 0 Dislikes. It was done in two shots with natural lighting.
I shot it once and it was too dark so I did it again. This is one of the few videos in recent past where I actually made a thumbnail as well as the three images that were chosen for this video by YouTube were not acceptable to me. Normally YouTube does a great job in picking the best screen shot from the video to make as a thumbnail but here I had to take a couple pictures to convey the thumbnail message best.
Well, go figure, back to the workout videos. Really I didn't need to do it as the channel was poised to cross 500 adsense views without this upload tonight. But I did promise one for tonight.
Because I anticipate this to be a well viewed video and would like the momentum to roll as long as possible I may leave this as my headlining video until Wednesday and not do another. The first four days of viewership of a video is what YouTube looks at to see what videos are rising and how quickly and if I put up another Sunday, Monday or Tuesday the percentage growth in viewership for this video will stop not allowing it to get as high as possible in the search rankings which lessens the chances that it will really take off like over 50,000. Now mind you I still don't have a video over 50,000 but will soon enough.
Also as I said before I am basically out of stuff from the old videos. Sure I have about 5 but again I passed on them or took them down before so there's no rush to put them back up or put them up at all.
Plus it slows my ability to make more stuff.....which yes....I like and I want to get back to it....creativity.
No sight or sound today and no even dislike....go figure. And yet all along I know how things are, I just do.
Kindred spirits need to dance and they dance best with their kindred spirit partner. 
Have A Wonderful Day or Night Fans
Jake Johnston

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