Friday, 5 December 2014

"What Happened On The Fishing Boat..." Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase I have just released "What Happened On The Fishing Boat..." currently at 1 View 1 Like 0 dislikes. It was single shot with spotlight lighting.
Well, what about a good old story. Storytelling hey it's a style I've done before but not too many in the straight shot format. Most stories I've done I've had the multiple shots and tied it together but here it was just a single take. It's true it's 7 minutes which is quite a long time to hold an audiences attention on a story but at least for those who do view it they will be pleased that the story and the actions get better as I get into it.
We'll have some fresh juice tomorrow. Something new.
For those wondering about this landslide of videos that have predominately come from the war chest, upon review I don't have nearly as many acceptable to me ready which means I'll have to start producing more current stuff.  I have maybe two more left that make the cut 5 at most.
This may mean less uploads but overall I want to have over 450 videos on the channel and now I'm at 250 so I'll have to figure out how to get them up. True the average view count is plummeting but that can be simply be raised by stopping production at any point.
Low and behold whom appears today....yep you. Finally peering out from behind the curtain and and of course nothing good to say about me rather just more and more trashing. But why care? Why does she care? What does one get out of negativism? Must be something. this how one gets to attend cinemas? There are simpler ways. I know the desire is there.  And yes....I want to go.
With every attempt on this end a shot down, is it not your turn for the
You know how to find me. So find me. Pop goes the corn.
And ps, you missed a dislike on the last video.
Have A Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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