Monday, 1 December 2014

Increasing Video Volume - The New Strategy Choice

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "How and Why To Do Your Laundry" is at 138 Views 15 Likes 0 Dislikes.
Not bad for a simple laundry video and yes it did cross a 100 within a, I do have a crowd. 
You may have noticed a sharp uptick in releases recently....well....if following closely you'd also see I'm over 525,000 views as well, it took 42 days from 500,000 to 525,000 or 5%.
Clearly the number one way to increase viewership is production on.....YouTube.
Truthfully I've researched more and more and I have decided that I wanted to really up the video volume for the channel overall. There are several videos that are on my channel that are wild enough, different enough, intriguing enough that any day at any minute a well connected or internet savvy person could post a video in a high volume place and I could hit a million views overall within minutes.
However short of that Social Blade had me crossing a million like November 2017 at the pace I was trudging along at. And my pace was slowly but surely falling and falling. On November 14 I had under 400 views for a day for the whole channel at 396. Lower and lower. I was like enough of this....
True the base format and initial strategy was to emulate the fastest growing YouTuber at the time in format. It required 140 videos in 9 months at the beginning. As I caught up I just did one a week but I needed to shift again as my numbers fell.
So the smart choice is made and up she goes in video volume. I anticipate 200 more en route ASAP while not missing Wednesdays. Or of course hitting a million views could short circuit that current plan and end the quest. 
PS notice the dislike so quick for my prior two videos, disappear for this one....I guess the dislike tires of being so dislikeful. I really don't get it...never have....Especially when the dislike is not a dislike at all.
Have A Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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