Saturday, 29 November 2014

"Dress Your Best No Matter Your Money" Released

Today on Jake's Showcase I have just released "Dress Your Best No Matter Your Money" currently at 1 View 2 Likes 0 Dislikes. It was done with about 15 shots with natural lighting.
Well now I couldn't actually give up short of a million could I? Plus I've got so much more to give. This was the first multi scene video in a while...I have to say I miss them. And like many of my videos I am encouraging people to put their best foot forward regardless of their situation.
True, at the moment, I have it rough, but it's all temporary and I do think like I say here I'll be rich and famous. It's good to be where you are now though. And yes this is where I am.
Showing people that the real world of clean clothes, basic cleanliness and just a basic awareness of how you look and present really comes across. Sometimes I slip a bit in this department and that's why this video is so valuable. Even me, I need to be encouraged to dress my best no matter your money.
Another key thing here is attitude like I say it. Hey, you've got to take care of yourself, it comes across. Even if it's just as simple as cleaning off those old dirty standby boots, your doing it and it does make a difference. Even if its just to you, you know your trying.
As far as the quitting YouTube goes....I can't quit until I hit a million. It just wouldn't be right. I just wouldn't prove my point, be satisfied or feel like I actually accomplished my goal.
Ya, Ya video making is work, it can drag, it has it's struggles but I like it so it's not that bad.  
Cheer me on folks, pass me around, let's hit a million views channel wide as soon as we can.
Have A Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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