Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Jake Johnston - "I Like Your Devilish Grin" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "Jake Johnston  - "I Like Your Devilish Grin" https://youtu.be/gov1pNjCvig currently at 33 Views 2 Likes 6 Dislikes. It was the 9th of 11 full takes with spotlight, overhead, natural and lamp lighting.
Ohhhh, how about some passion?
First some technicals.This was the fist video where the annotations feature is no longer available or present as this has gone away to my disappointment loosing a key common feature to all my videos and the way I would encourage liking and subscribing to my channel in each video. As a true nerd I had studied this was a key feature and had stuck to it but here is the first without.
Also interestingly this is my 999 post on the Jake's Showcase blog. One more it's a thousand. As such I may make an additional 1000th post later this week, likely weekend to mark the occasion.
Each video could be my last as I thought the last three were possibly, especially the last video, but it does dawn upon me that approximately 10 more weekly videos and Jake's Showcase will pass 5 years.
1000 posts 5 years big markers. But my energy is waning.
It may be the cold spring that's sapping my energy as the winter coats have come back out and the grey skies have reappeared in a shocking cold spell for May here. This drags me down personally after just enduring a wretched winter just dying to smile in the sun.
The blooming plants and trees and everything else that blooms has caved back in to hide yet again, yet for longer as the terrible weather here makes all pace in claustrophobic spaces. No doubt I suffer from Seasonal Affective Jakieness.
The bad depressing weather kills my creativity and my spirit. Making highly entertaining positive energy videos requires one at some level to be such. And when your not feeling it your not feeling it. If you look at my past few videos you'd see the dullness and sorrow of the long cold winter wearing on me. Still you have to produce, regardless, so in these times you try to burn out the weather clock by playing it out.
Which brings me to the song. What a song it is. This song, different then the others, reflects a very different style vibe and way. The words the beat the vibe all soooo interesting, intriguing, alluring and true.
Yes darling....I like your devilish grin. 
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com      

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