Friday, 5 May 2017

Jake's Showcase 1000th Blog Post - What a Trip

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston  - "I Like Your Devilish Grin" is currently at 2025 Views 145 Likes 119 Dislikes.
So my 1000th blog post.
Well first off I've got to say that that seems like a lot of blog posts. With 45,051 views all time of just the blog that's like ummmm oh yeah 45 views per blog? Amazing mathematician eh?
So why the blog post. Really it is or was just supplemental to my video making pursuits on YouTube. I sort of wanted to chronicle my progress, lack of progress, successes and mistakes as I went along. Of course I also wanted to explore and explain how I was feeling and thoughts that were going through my head as time went by as well as an evolving YouTube artist, general artist and person.
I didn't think it would go on this long really. I figured my time on YouTube would be short lived now in 2 months it will be 5 years.
At first I was hoping for either a career on YouTube where I was an independent YouTube artist like many of the big YouTube stars or to be picked up by a tv show or movie and become an actor. Later when I obtained my guitar after about a year I thought a musician would be good too.
It didn't take long for me to see that the pay and viability of my YouTube artist idea was a no go. I did have a couple inquiries about me acting in a film and one for a TV episode but both were not legit in my opinion. The film was completely armature and while never discussed I was never offered money and the TV show was Tosh.O where once I realized who they were and what they did (make fun of people) I said I would do it for $10,000 usd far above the $1600 they made their final offer above the $800 initial offered. They declined and I was like no probs, not interested. The only reason I even considered the show with the higher amount was after seeing that Chris Rock and Kate Upton had also been on the early shows and they are totally legit. But they were on a long, long time ago, I think on the shows intro year.
My vision was more of being on a tv show regularly. Like a weekly sitcom or drama. Like a 2 Broke Girls, Seinfield, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Sex in the City, Married With Children or maybe have a talk show like Ellen, The Late Show or The Tonight Show.
While I know that some of these shows don't even exist anymore you get the idea, a real show where I'm an actor. I thought because I'm so under trained and behind in the normal chronology of an actor, acting school, stage plays, commercials, shows or movies that a producer may find me and think I have the attributes, look and energy they were looking for and hire me.
I found that this vision of mine was not to be either.
As far as music goes, while I enjoy it and find I'm pretty good and improving I've had no Columbia Records, or Time Warner Music or Shady Records or the like of legit labels rushing to sign me.
Point being, it hasn't been what I expected or hoped for.
And of course during all this time love is in the air.
While I've bobbed and weaved through this period of life real life things like relationships, lack of relationships, jobs, lack of jobs, frustrations and of course the weather shortcomings of this very difficult climate in Canada have been occurring.  How does the artist balance all of this, real world, dreams and that middle zone.
I don't know why I thought all this was going to work out and why it's taken so long.
I can't say I failed, but I can't say I succeeded. I just went the way I thought was right and that was forward.
Thank you all fans that support and like me,
Love me,
Jake Johnston

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