Tuesday, 11 April 2017

"How to Dress Business Professional For Men - Cheap - Step by Step" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "How to Dress Business Professional For Men - Cheap - Step by Step" https://youtu.be/lCv5JquQo_I currently at 50 Views 4 Likes 9 Dislikes. It was 22 shots with spotlight and natural lighting.
Well here I go back to the multi framed video. The first in several weeks. The remainder of the winter saw me move into a single cut and frame style for the past several weeks and while the raw value of the uncut single frame any true artist will appreciate it for it's purity....it does and can leave much to be desired from the entertainment standpoint. One must remember that the vast vast majority of youtube watchers are not looking for raw artistic purity of cut and take rather for entertainment.
This is one thing that YouTube does well or rather many good to great YouTubers. They have almost all mastered the multi cut platform to a video. Or at least learned how to cut out pauses and create "jump cuts" keeping the mind off balance and the eye entertained. With quick frame, cut, frame, cut you can cram more words in per square inch and you really confuse the eye as the video jumps and jumps again so that the brain cannot keep up in that unnatural state creating a person to watch longer then they normally would on this or that topic.
Yes the jump cut is the key for YouTubers.
But unfortunately for me I do not know how to jump cut and instead have to take one frame at a time and merge them together and create a jump cut like effect. This is a technical issue because I have dated camera and software which does not have such a feature.
None the less this video gives much to the audience. We do a nice top to bottom of a favorite topic of mine, professional dress.
While many may have found me during my rougher soup kitchen days there is a whole other side to me a dressy side....and oh how I love elegance. Here I try to give tips and techniques to looking good at the office and beyond to people who are interested both past present and future.
I'm a fan of the formal black dress as I talk and I come at it from a real ground level where many trying their best to look good but on a budget or below can relate.
Try to look good to the best of you ability and that's got to be a good way to approach the world.
Now could I look better in $3000 suit and $1000 in shoes and accessories? But of course. Money can be a beautiful thing. However, this video is much more relate-able to the masses who want to look snazzy on a 10th of that like myself.
It's coming.....good things are coming.....and spring is in the air, beauty.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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