Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Big Year....I Think So....Numbers and Thoughts

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Nature Before Work - How I Reflect" is at 3450 Views 345 Likes 19 Dislikes.
Ideally, this post would be written starting just before midnight and ending right after and I will explain why shortly....nonetheless I write about two hours prior to midnight and assure you I will be awake just over the bewitching hour of midnight tonight.
The main reason for this post currently March 11, 2017 is to mark 1 year when my YouTube channel Jake's Showcase surpassed my final channel goal of 1 million YouTube views which occurred March 11, 2016. Currently the channel is at 3,129,605 views overall. The channel has gone up by over 2 million views from my final goal an this year rose over 200%. That's a 200% growth rate.
A couple times most avid readers would note I put a sort of out of this world ballpark goal of 100,000,000 views since surpassing 1 million.
So Jake your 96,870,395 short. Did I ever tell you I'm a numbers junkie?
Still a pretty incredible year.
You know, I think the thing that sort of makes this story so interesting is the real chug, chug, chug, little engine that could, all from nothing, nature of what is and has happened.
I remember that night when I knew I had to get a camera the next day and start a YouTube channel. Technically it was two days later when the channel was started because I had a hard time getting Jake's Neat Channel registered and Jake's Showcase was the second choice done just after midnight. I was so sick of it. I was heated. I just couldn't figure it out. It was just past dark.
Between love, money, society as a whole, how could this possibly be so hard for me, I'm awesome, the world just didn't know who I was. The best way to break the cycle, jump to the upper echelons where I belonged was to create and let the internet find and raise me.
But I do remember the night, when I knew I had to start.
Now I've gone through hell since, up and down and up and down with jobs. Really none of the "payoffs" have happened that I wanted and expected. But I've kept swinging. Kept pushing. Why.
Especially now when I've got over a million views, you're done man, give it up.
And it's not even as fun as it use to be because before I'd do like a video Wednesday and like a couple more, whenever I got inspired but now I've tuned into this one video a week only robot with my eyes on the consistency and efficiency of view count per video as the prize....really kills the zip and vibe, but the best in the biz do it this way and hence, so do I.
Now what's this talk about midnight, Saturday at midnight in particular? It's the best time to break know what I mean. Have figured out what's been wrong with me lately and while it's a world I don't understand, I've had to learn about it in order to undo it and fix it.
You have to learn the rules of the game you are playing in, in order to win or at least stop loosing.
I'm deeply attracted to the goths, the dark side, gargoyles, in fact I found out today I am a gargoyle, keeper of the gate. No wonder I like gargoyles recently, I am one. A goth, I don't know. The dark side, that doesn't really seem like me but with both Celtic and German roots, we are rooted in familiarity with these concepts.
So you break it over midnight on Saturdays, gargoyles, goths, what am I referring to? Enough hints at what it was. 
I've learned.
What shall this year hold....well...we'll see.
Love me,
Jake Johnston

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