Tuesday, 14 February 2017

"First Fan Mail from Canada - The Biggest" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "First Fan Mail from Canada  - The Biggest" https://youtu.be/fla_p5ICAZI currently at 31 Views 5 Likes 0 Dislikes. It was single shot with spotlight overhead and lamp lighting.
I had to do it. The first from Canada....and the biggest thing....combined....yep it was cause for a video take and upload. And yes, some may be a bit bored with fan mail openings with three now in the past 6 weeks, but really.....this has been years in coming and there are already so, so, so, many variety of videos that people can watch and re watch if they like that style and performance type.
When you sit really alone on a island for years in your quest for YouTube as a way out....when you walk back and forth methodically around the main streets of a city where the cold temperatures are objectively hazardous so as to up your viewership of your channel because "on foot" marketing is the only marketing that you can afford with no money. Hey, and then you get a po box with $275 that you don't have because you got your hands on that amount for a couple days 9 months ago and finally things start coming in.....yeah it's a big deal.
Do you know how many cases of frost bite I've endured as my socks would freeze solid on my walks? This is over years... and it use to be much worse when I did not have a car.
Really since I hit 1 million views which was my original and big goal March 11, 2016 I have not made this trip near as regular as I don't need the marketing push like I once did. Also helps I'm over 3 million less then a year later....so the channel is big enough....for my original goals.
I use to walk everyday the exact same route twice a day almost 365 days a year....like a crazy person? No, like a driven dreaming business entrepreneur....a maverick of sorts....I don't know but I've never heard of a story like mine on YouTube. The raw bones style.
I love gritty basketball players. The rebounders, the blockers, the hustle men, do they need to score? No...they may score low numbers, never get the spotlight but they get the 1-3 shots in they get in a game. All the stars on the winning teams know that sure they're the stars but without these heart and guts guys they couldn't have won....and hence they wouldn't be getting the highlight interview....so they love these guys.
Oh yeah and the whole sober thing....jumping back a paragraph. Remember this is also a story of a guy getting and staying sober. Imagine with my driven dedication that I've show for this lowly youtube channel and walking like a madmen on busy intersections and malls in the rain, heat, snow....I make mailmen look bad because I did it on the weekends too....just imagine what a crazy bad drunk I was....the worst...ever.
So, yes, I opened another fan mail....and I think it was a perfect fitting choice.
Don't fret sports fans much wild and wacky and all sorts of stuff to come so stay tuned. Remember this is not a normal channel, this is Jake's Showcase.
Happy Valentines Darling,
Love Me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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  1. This is great Jake! All those months and months and years and years you spent walking in the extreme elements wearing a large sign advertising Jakes Showcase sure paid off! Over 3 million total views for countless years on Youtube and hundreds of videos you produced means you are entitled to enjoy that beautiful $50 Oster coffeemaker and that $20 personalized travel mug. Who needs a job when you can have stuff handed to you for free! Keep up the great work!


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