Tuesday, 24 January 2017

"My Trip to Rolls-Royce Toronto Canada" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "My Trip to Rolls-Royce Toronto Canada" https://youtu.be/weouTbvRnw0 currently at 24 views 2 Likes 0 Dislikes. I do not know the number of frames however either none or only one was cut out and it was all natural lighting.
Just to step back for a moment, my curiosity about last weeks video "Love At Work - What You Really Want To Say" https://youtu.be/CqBsSyai1Kk currently at 5468 Views 341 Likes 37 Dislikes and my ability to obtain over 10,000 views on a 2.5 minute not search friendly dramatic inspired monologue was answered and no I could not only getting 5400 views.  
Here is the exact opposite with a 24 minute video, sort of evening out the time. I don't do it for time. I know that YouTube wants us to concentrate on time watched, engagement, and a whole variety of ever changing statistics and metrics. But really what I think they want is production. They want the creator to be happy and produce.
So instead of trying to figure it all out what I do is go with the flow, my flow and what I think would make a good video or something that I want to share or talk about. Staying inspired is key. Inspired artists and creators is what YouTube wants because we draw the fans, the entertainers.
Just today my total views were dropped by almost 100,000. I did notice about 2 weeks ago my views jump but without corresponding back end or adsense numbers, I didn't know why. Now YouTube has taken them off and I don't know why.
Ultimately and eventually YouTube gets it right. My job is to try to make good videos. Their job is to count. So the numbers will be what the numbers will be. Even though it seems like a big drop I'm now a veteran of this type of stuff and I know I soon get it back and catch back up.
Real life has been wild as usual. I sit between dreams and reality. I never have enough to actually do anything, but I always have enough to get by.
Looking for work and the prospects are bright at the moment. Looking for love and the prospects are not so bright at the moment.
At some point though, they'll be significant changes in both departments. A significant income increase eventually will occur. And my vast ability to having ladies frown at me will eventually be turned upside down into smiles....it's just taking like a long, long time.
Be nice, dream hard, hope for the best, give what you can to people, don't pay attention to the negative and protect yourself from it the best you can, spend time looking for the positive and being with those who feed you that energy. These are my life secrets. This is how I live.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com


  1. I like this video Jake. One day not only will you have a real girlfriend but you'll also have a Rolls Royce. Oh goody! Don't worry about finding a job I'm sure you'll pay stuff for your girlfriend and car with the thousands of dollars you make doing Youtube videos, movies, and through your singing career!


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