Tuesday, 16 May 2017

"Singing In The Rain! Love Nature In All Its Forms!" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "Singing In The Rain! Love Nature In All Its Forms!" https://youtu.be/Pln9OwmIyaY currently at 103 Views 18 Likes 14 Dislikes. It was single shot single take with all natural lighting.
Well, back to the fresh raw stuff. On the heels of me confirming in my last blog that "here it's music" get over it phrasing. Of course I was referring to here as in that weeks video.
Jake's Showcase my channel is a plethora of odd ins and outs of never making much sense but all making so much sense where we mix it up and keeping them wanting more.
For the record I think last spring I had 5-6 songs in a row before breaking the pattern and this year it's only 3....for now. Truth is that I had played the music out of me...for now.
You see I truly go with inspiration. What moves me. Not what sells, not what people want, not what makes sense, not what is politically correct but what moves me.
And my spirit is moved many ways by many things. Here when I saw this river flow in the rain storm as I walked home I was really moved and said I've got to do that. I wasn't expecting the river to be so flooded and the viewer got my raw real reactions and I think that made it a sort of fun real life journey exploration with the fans and me together.
When I hear a song or jingle in my head and get the lyrics or the inspiration to write then before you know it a song comes out but I haven't had much coming to me that way lately.
The magic is in the instant and uncoordinated and unplanned inspiration. That's why I love the camera and as I've heard, the camera loves me too.
It was a real fun one here and I got nature, fresh exploration, sort of one of a kind footage and there was no one or only 2 people out so not to many takers on braving the elements on this day and that in itself made it special.
So what will it be on Jake's Showcase, we'll that's why you tune in because you're curious....and often....as the clock ticks down for me....I am too....about what the next video will be.
However a reminder I always work 1 week ahead....key for a perfectionist....at least 1 ahead.
Of note, I removed related channels on my channel on a whim just moments ago. While this precludes my channel from being recommended on others channel and counter to my copy the best mentality where they all have this feature enabled, the channels that were being recommended as related where not related at all in fact it was promoting material I do not concur with.
That's ok, we can be a cute little specialty niche here, by word of mouth only. I kinda like it that way. Did you know that Bob Dylan follows 0 people on Twitter? Everyone follows some one twitter but not Bob....he don't care...we'll take a page out of Bob's book and go with no related channels.
You know the specialist of times awaits the artist who yearns for the completion of their work. This is in art life and in love. We know that and this is why we dream.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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