Monday, 6 March 2017

You Can't Price A Dream....Well Let's Try

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston  - "Miss Success" is at 3001 Views 236 Likes 38 Dislikes.
Only the most hardcore and in tune with me fans will know why I have to get this blog up before midnight tonight.
Well first, I finally and very laboriously was able to crack 3000 views on this song today. Again a sharp disappointment particularly after my multiple attempts on it and I thought the lyrics were quite good and the presentation decent enough....a hit, the hit....I was hoping so....but the show must go on.
Tonight's blog will be different. You'll understand me a touch better.
So a dream, pricing a dream, how does Jakie Jake think....
Ok so to me the perfect house is I will explain.
It's located at 128 Bank St New York NY 10014. The Zillow listing is here,-74.003708,40.733827,-74.01051_rect/16_zm/ .
It's $8.95 Million US solid red brick townhouse located in the west village, also known as Greenwich Village. This is a perfect house. It's 1.5 blocks to the Hudson overlooking both water and America proper. I love water and need it in my life, visually and biologically. This house has 4 bedroom and 3 bathrooms with 3000 square feet, a quaint patio yard safe cobblestone roads, near great schools, top shops and restaurants away from both West and Hudson street noise. It's also a 22 minute subway ride to the street or 48 minute or 1 hour and 10 Jake minute walk to the street. Oh, and I love walking.
So the house is big but not too, too big. Too, too big means too, too big to heat, to turn lights on, stairs to climb or elevators to maintain. You want some size to house guests but not to much or you become inefficient with your square footage cost usage rate.
Of course the house is beautiful and all fixed up. Class from top to bottom, new and easy to use and show everything. You need super class but not ornate opulence.
The one thing I was slightly confused at was the property taxes saying $17,618 and I was not sure if that was a month or a year. Extrapolating a years taxes out you'd get $211,416 which seems too much as condo's twice that price only have $92,000 taxes and fees so you'd have to assume it's the $17,618 still plenty.
The heating, water, electric and sewer charges for this decent sized but not too big house would be notable as well and but likely manageable. So holding this house and living in it for 25 years would cost $440,000 in taxes, round up to $500,000 with tax increases.The 25 years of formerly mentioned operating expenses would likely be $750,000.
No car needed of course in city especially here in the village.
Greenwich has been home to many of us. Of course it calls me. The artists the free thinkers, the explorers. At one point it was a not really desirable neighborhood. Fitting for a gent like me. But note that changed long long ago, and now that one house is more valuable then 39.9 houses by average house prices in this town I live in London with the exchanged dollars.
Close to water, close to class, close to the street, small, efficient red brick house, this is perfection.
And the price tallying it all up $10,200,000 grossing it up again for taxes $20,400,000 USD.
So now you know. This is how Jake thinks.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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