Sunday, 5 March 2017

Love is Love After All

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Jake Johnston  - "Miss Success" is at 2844 Views 232 Likes 36 Dislikes.
This is the most disappointing music video performance in quite some time as a numbers junkie the views and the like to dislike ratio is way low. Hence the rare Sunday night post. Really it's quite cold out as long time fans and followers would remember I tended to write on cold nights of the past.
The city has been calling me recently. And there is only one city. The vibe, the art, the reality, the hardcore everything....but where else would I really belong.
$8.9 million is how much I need for my desired house on Bank St. But then of course the to keep up. What would I do there? Just live? Soak it in. It makes no sense to the commoner how this is exactly what I should do but it does.
Someone like me needs the stimulation, the energy the pulse. Where is humanity at right now in time? What do they need? Where better then at it's heartbeat.
Some may not believe in the ability for world changing insights from some little dude from nowhere....where are you from? What? Where's that?
Algorithms, healing, metamorphosis is this within our realm. Can we fly?
Sparkly eyed memorized and in love oh dear, oh dear. I really wish I spoke Canadian. Particularly Canadian Female. I'm a great talker, communicator, but I really have no clue how to read this Canadian female type.
Brash and bold is so much easier to understand and the black woman takes this prize.
Sure I like them all....all types that is....but not as much as you darling.
Incredibly lonely tonight. A date would be nice. With time, a few nickles, it being cold, a movie fits the bill with some popcorn and butter....lots of butter.
I saw a photo of Marilyn today....wonderful. But it's the inward beauty passion and creative support I love.
Lets dream a dream together tonight, where our foreheads touch, our souls join and neither space time or social concern is our barrier. Love is love after all. Touch me, kiss me, hold my hand, hold me....and do it now.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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  1. WOW. You're so amazing with your words Jake! Ever thought of becoming a poet? You just do some monthly installments of "Jake's Corner" say, sitting on a throne and reading some of your poetry. WOW, that would sure be swell!


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