Saturday, 25 February 2017

Yearning For Starlet

Tonight on Jake's Showcase my video "Skinny Guy First Time Ever Shadow Boxing" is at 6039 Views 495 Likes 41 Dislikes.
I have to say I'm a touch surprised as I thought that this video would have a higher view count for it's shall we say "courageous content". If you remember me griping with Christmas week release of "Skinny Guy First Time Ever with Dumbbells" currently at 24,030 Views 1036 Likes 82 Dislikes, as on that first few days up to the Saturday it only had 9000 views at the time.
I thought this current video was more entertaining a little more loud and in your face and yet it only has over 6000 views much less then the 9000 of the prior.
I think I've figured out one key factor is that I am no longer at my previous job. At that job in the factory there was a lot of people whom I interacted every day and the scope was very international. Even though that video was released one day before my last day on that contract I think I had stirred up a lot of interest and intrigue there. Now not being there I don't have that same every day international flavor and potential audience.
Still 6000 is not bad per say just not rock star status which I'd say is over 10,000 thousand. Remember I'm still a tiny, drop in the bucket channel, really, low subscribers, low average view count 7473, clearly low production value....I'm just a junior kinda nothing.
You see these channels with the high everything....subscribers, views, just everything and they all have great cameras, equipment, props, actors, special effects. Me, I just jump around in my living room.
Oh, yearning. I have to say starlet, I think of nothing else but you. Really what is life if not with your love.
What is passion without a flame. What is a connection without kiss, a touch.
How does this story end, with me, with you. Will you ask me out? In your heart. Shall we never cross paths?
Shall we live alone forever wondering. Shall we settle for the one we do not love, really.
Money, the money, will be so much better, but money is not love and we both know that. Our love is beyond money.
Darling we grow together, always deeper in love every moment.
Love me,
Have a wonderful Day or Night Fans,
Jake Johnston

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  1. Hmmmmm. Seems like the view counts on your videos have been slowly dropping Jake. We need to figure out how to get that view count back up there on your new videos Jake. You'll need to think real hard about it during those 6 days you have off inbetween videos. I work close to a 60 hour work week, so I'll leave that up to you. Later Jakester.


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