Tuesday, 10 January 2017

"What I Do When I'm Proud of Something - First Paycheck" Released

Tonight on Jake's Showcase https://youtube.com/JakesShowcase I have just released "What I Do When I'm Proud of Something  - First Paycheck" https://youtu.be/03t1Gqvnyjg currently at 273 Views 44 Likes 4 Dislikes. It was 6 frames with all natural lighting.
First regarding this video, I guess my excitement and exuberance of this first check was more about where it was from, they style and age of it and how it came to be rather then the amount. I think I capture the idea of what I am trying to convey well here. I got a first pay check, I was proud of it and I laminated a copy to remember it.
This week in looking at the channel there is no doubt that the YouTube algorithm switch which many big YouTubers videos have talked about on YouTube has hit me hard as well as my view counts have tumbled in the past six weeks including back end adsense numbers.
But instead of ranting, because who are we to rant, I realized today that YouTube itself had been the reason for the view count decline as some of my videos were pushed down the YouTube search rankings into the millions of videos abyss.
Upon thinking about this to myself I thought "ok if my videos are burried what can be done" but then it dawned on me. You see one thing that makes me and my Jake's Showcase unique is that I'm an epic dynamic personality with a wide variety of video types subjects and styles. People who've latched onto me get hooked and that fascination leads to them searching me and the videos I'm in out. Another video may rank higher, have more views, more of all the metrics deemed important to the algorithm at the moment (remember algorithms change and change again) but they don't have me in them. People want to see me and my videos. Therefore I believe I shall continue to slowly grow as I've really been doing since the beginning and maybe someday there will be a huge spike due to an algorithm switch, YouTube choosing to promote me or just a groundswell of underground support.
Bad News. Found out yesterday the factory I had worked at in the fall does not want me back in the spring. I had mentioned it was 50-50 they'd have me back and I guess my perfect attendance was not enough to compensate for the reality I was a one man walking factory hazard. I'm not a factory guy, couldn't believe it when I was hired couldn't believe it I kept the job. But unlike the 4-5 other jobs I've had since I've started YouTube this was not a quit or a fire it was simply a contract which I completed my end of the bargin and they theirs and they are just not moving forward with the next contract. I wasn't sure I would have taken it anyway because the pay would be slashed by 25% and yet the very real threats of amputation and a wide variety of injuries and illness's remained constant.
So I'm down to this little job of  3 hours a shift. And we haven't worked for a week because of cold. So really I'm out of a job again. The job hunt really started today. I need a job again in this wretched job town called London. Really after working a higher then minimum wage job I realize there's a huge difference getting paid more because at minimum wage or close to it you can never get your head above water. I also realized that almost all jobs in this town are minimum wage retail or call center jobs. I think it's was the worst unemployment town in the country last time I checked and even if it's not anymore it's close to it.
Cold, crappy paying jobs where bosses can pick whoever they like because the unemployment rate is so high you'd never question this as the only world if I hadn't been in jobs an situations where I was flush and well compensated.
Really it is YouTube and my fans that will save me, emancipate me, for once and for all.
Last month due to a huge YouTube view jump I am not panicking like I normally would if it hadn't of happened. In my current situation I did not work enough hours in the fall to qualify for unemployment insurance.
I guess that whole Mennonite vs Catholic thing I guess that was all a bunch of hewy. I still dig the Mennonites way of life, the simplicity, the honesty, the dial down on technology. But I was born Catholic.
One more thing, I've had an accident. I smashed my face due to eating Granola (yes Granola, of all things), , broke my nose, really hurt, really bloody and scary, but healing hoping for minimum scars.  
Darling, baby, sweetie. Love is a whole other concept. A mystical mystery weaving back and forth. We can never be lonely because we are always one in spirit. Our lips and bodies joining are only the symbol of our ever present love for each other.
Love me,
Have a Wonderful Day or Nights Fans,
Jake Johnston jakesshowcase@gmail.com

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  1. Cool! I would frame it too if it took me 40 years to get one! Congratulations!


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